Donation for Charity Higher Education Financial Assistance YSJB 2021 Oct

Financial Assistance to Higher Education

Yayasan Suria JB(YSJB) – Urgent business calls for super fast action!

It’s not always that I do things so fast but when it comes to helping someone who really needs help, I go all out of my way to assist.

For many parents, getting a place for their children in a local university calls for celebration but for this poor girl, it is a nightmare – no money to pay for her initial entrance fees of RM1, 164.00 – they are dirt poor but with a smart child getting into UPM, the same place where I graduated with a Diploma in Agriculture 1974.

I still can recalled my ‘hardships’ paying for my fees, board & lodging and meals in the then, College of Agriculture, Serdang.

1. She wrote a letter to UPM on 7/102021.
Letter of offer for BSc Agribusiness at UPM dated 16/9/2021.

2. I received a call from UPM today, 8/10/2021 @ 12.00 noon requesting for URGENT help as she got to register on 9/10/2021 AND THE FEES MUST BE PAID BEFORE REGISTRATION.
As I was busy running around helping the Poor & Needy during this COVID-19 pandemic, I managed to online her RM2,400.00 – our Foundation gives study bursary of this amount to all our local uni students for the duration of the course, in this case her’s is a 4-year course.
We have 8 local uni students under YSJB now, including this this latest one.

3. Online the money to her at 18:37:41 8/10/2021.

4. She online UPM at 18:53:58 8/10/2021 RM1,164.00

5. Happy ending. For her, a great relief and hope one fine day she will create many ‘ripples’ just because someone cares!

For the Foundation, we thanked God for giving us a chance to help someone in need.

Those wishing to journey with this young girl during her study at UPM can contact us.