Our first two overseas volunteers!

Our first two overseas volunteers!

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – Our first two overseas volunteers!

YSJB is delighted to receive 2 overseas volunteers this month during their stay in Malaysia.

One (Kin) has left for Auckland, NZ and the other, Bill (from Melbourne, Australia) has left us in JB and is still continuing his holidays in Malaysia.

Both enjoyed their time volunteering and told us the experiences gained were fantastic, least to say, they enjoyed more of my real life stories and what they read from my diary and what I told them were exactly the same. My reply, “Real true life stories don’t change in their facts.”

We have many volunteers following us around daily, we work 365 a year for hungry stomachs have no holidays. I am a full time volunteer, others come on certain days, some only on weekends and public holidays. No fixed time for volunteers as they are unpaid, they come and go anytime, some for the full duration(my normal hours are from 9.00 am – 6.00 pm).

I pick up volunteers from their houses in the Toyota Hilux or from our office at Jalan Bakawali, Johor Jaya and drop them off anywhere/anytime at their place of choice.

Everyday there are lots of events running around in the Toyota Hilux. Another group of office volunteers, mainly ladies, man the office – from receiving goods, preloved items, receiving donations from walk-in donors, arranging items at the office where we put all our groceries, preloved items, desktops/laptops, etc.

Volunteers have a choice to choose either ‘outbound’ (Toyota Hilux) or ‘inbound’ (office/store) and they are given the freedom to leave anytime they want.

At the moment, we have 2 interns for 3 months from Multimedia University (MMU) undergoing internships under the tutelage of Bro Lo, our website designer who is an expert in IT. Bro Lo is also our committee member and he oversees all our banking related issues, PayPal, QR code, Touch N Go and anything related to computers and IT.

Their lecturer has also asked the 2 interns to be involved in volunteering work while doing internships at YSJB.

The world of volunteerism awaits you if you are keen on volunteering with YSJB, we welcome you with open arms and also we are able to hook you up other NGOs to experience what they do too – we are under the IMSHA (Iskandar Malaysia Social Award) umbrella where many NGOs/NGIs are doing other related type of works helping humanity.

Just give me a call and let me know your interests and we shall do the rest.