Placement of 'abandoned' patients left at government hospitals

Placement of ‘Abandoned’ Patients Left At Government Hospitals

Yayasan Suria (YSJB) – Placement of ‘abandoned’ patients left at government hospitals.

Yes, at YSJB, we received many calls from government hospitals requesting us to find Homes for patients who are to be discharged but have no place to go to.

Yes, it’s a cruel world out there, many people ‘chucked/dumped’ their parents and family members in government hospitals, gave some funny addresses/hp nos that could not be traced or contacted. This issue does not happen in private hospitals as you you are required to pay upfront a hugh chunk of money to cover for the duration of your stay.

So, as a volunteer in an NGO, we have to have a good rapport with the many Homes around, knows what are their admission criterias/ conditions and the nature/medical conditions of the discharged patient. It’s a ‘matching’ process.

All sorts of patients with medical conditions – Hepatitis, cancer, paralyzed, dialysis, HIV/AIDS, Amputated, heart problem, blindness, etc.

Sometimes some Homes request a certain amount of fees to stay there, some gave discounted rates, some FOC.

YSJB has been busy lately finding placements for our clients. We are involved in repairing works for certain Homes that take in our clients.

With the present COVID-19 pandemic, many Homes are finding it difficult to survive, with zero funding from the government, the Homes depend on assistance from public and NGOs like us. Many Homes are really struggling to survive and closing down is the only option for them. We try to help as much as we can, our funds are limited too.

Our current project with Sherun Home, Taman Selesa Jaya, to replace the awnings, costing us about RM15k is in progress. This Home is where Mei Ai is staying, the woman featured in CNA’s homeless ( when she was homeless ‘staying’ at Jalan Ibrahim, JB.

I was there recently supervising the fixing of the awnings, saw her and she requested me to take a photo with her.

Of course, I obliged and she was so happy!

She is so happy now, having found a Home where she feels useful and she is the only one not on wheelchair.

Due to the CNY holidays, work has just started after a RM5k deposit was paid.

It’s a never ending task of finding a place for our clients to be placed at Homes.

 Sometimes, we provide private ambulance services to transport our clients to Homes in KL/Ipoh and elsewhere too from JB. Our synergy partner, AMS(Asia Medavac Services) provides ambulance services to us at special discounted rates, we are grateful to them, thank you.