To serve and not to be served YSJB 2022 Oct

To serve and not to be served!

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – To serve and not to be served!

Training volunteers to learn the ropes in all aspects of volunteering is never an easy task. Today, at YSJB, we achieved another milestone where a volunteer (we have 2 today, 13/10/2022) wrote in his own experiences how to do reporting of the day’s activities. He wants to remain anonymous which I much respect. This is the first time one of the volunteers cover the story and I am extremely proud of the initiatives taken by the volunteers themselves to stand on their own feet.


Just a few minor edits and here goes his fantastic report about charity in Johor Bahru:

“Today, we hip-hop around JB city, collecting bread from donor bakeries, sending monthly supply of groceries to poor and needy families, a food run for Netherlands Maritime University College students and visiting an aged couple (82 & 76) still caring for the daughter 43, suffering from cerebral palsy and mentally-impaired son, 38.

A hectic response no doubt, but the frantic call to provide assistance gives us volunteers no respite for an ‘off-day’.

Ours is a never-ending response to the cries to provide assistance in areas we never deem possible. To the myriad challenges to bring comfort, not just in terms of financial help or food, we serve as social counsellors to those living in poverty, family disputes, physically-impaired and socially disenchanted, though of course, without the paper qualifications to prove our worth. Our passion drives us!

We wish to extend our grateful thanks and appreciation to 100 Lambs International School who has kindly donated 400 cartons of sanitisers to Yayasan Suria JB(YSJB) to be distributed to families, government departments, old folk homes etc. We are indebted to your timely gesture of goodwill.

Also our grateful thanks to the sponsor of the 125 packets of cooked food to Netherlands Maritime University College students, Graceville Home and the poor & needy.”