Volunteers, the often misunderstood people!

Volunteers, the often misunderstood people!

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – Volunteers, the often misunderstood people!
Yes, as we go around daily helping the Poor & Needy, many people out there are baffled as to ‘what do volunteers actually do’?

Are we paid? Where is your company? Who is your boss? Can we work in your company? How many staff do you have? What is your pay scale? Does your company observed public holidays? Where do you get your money? And many more questions of who are Volunteers?

To help people understand ‘what is volunteerism’, we have decided to put the words “We are volunteers (Kami adalah sukarelawan)” on our Toyota Hilux. Since then, we are getting more calls to enquire who we are.

I am a full time volunteer with YSJB, unpaid, even meals during my running around from 9.00 am – 6.00 pm are on my own (sometimes supporters call us during meal times to give us a treat). Other volunteers come as and when they like. No compulsion here – free & easy!

Many people like to do good to YSJB, like the shop that put the “volunteer” sticker on our 4WD, according to him, “It is my small contribution for all the good you have done and I am proud to be associated with your Foundation.” Mr. Lee’s name card is attached.
Another person is the Foreman (Mr. Yee) who services our Foundation’s Toyota Hilux. He doesn’t charge labour for repairs/servicings. Only spare parts charges at cost – his way of contributing his part to the Foundation. His workshop, Speed Auto, at Plentong, JB is a one-man show with 40 years experience behind him.

Thank you to both these gentlemen for your contributions towards YSJB, the money saved will in turn be put into good use to help the Poor & Needy – indeed your services can be considered as ‘a form of volunteerism’ too.

YSJB hopes to promote volunteerism in our own way by ‘leading by example’ – indeed we have many local volunteers now, and lately a few from Australia/NZ are jumping into the fray to see what we do. So far, just 2 days after putting the ‘volunteer signs’ on our Toyota Hilux, we have been getting more calls from the public to find out more about what the Foundation does.

We hope to create a contribution-minded society where everyone helps everyone so that our clients (the Poor & Needy) will have a better and more comfortable life.
Volunteers serve with commitment, dedication, and most of all, PASSION even though most of the time, we have to ditch out from our own pockets for food and, occasionally, give out some of our own money to our clients – we just can’t see them suffering in misery!

Call us if you are keen to be a volunteer and welcome into the world of volunteerism!