What in the world YSJB doesn't do!

What in the world YSJB doesn’t do!

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – What in the world YSJB doesn’t do!

Yes, we do everything and anything under the sun but this request to bury a dead dog was rather quite unexpected.

Being a volunteer in YSJB, we never take “CANNOT” for an answer. Even when we have the slightest clue as to what to do, our reply is “CAN, NO PROBLEM.” We then, source for help from all our extensive networks built up over the years in volunteerism.

Being a volunteer, people out there expect you to know and can do everything. Yes, at YSJB, we drum into the heads of the volunteers “never to take NO for any requests.”
This is not the first time dealing with “death” – the first one was, sometime in May 2021, when we were called to take a corpse (an Indonesian man whom we put there 3 months ago) from a Home to HSIJB in our Toyota Hilux.

The man being a Muslim was not an issue to us, we have to learn to handle all the burial procedures, etc and paid for everything as he had no relatives in Malaysia – an experience where we learnt so much about another religion (Islam). From contacting the Indonesian embassy in JB, to looking for the Iman concerned and to the burial rites.

Coming back to this dog – we went to the dog owner’s house, took the corpse of the 45kg Rottweiler and buried it at a far away place at the outskirts of Plentong, Masai, Johor. Of course, all the necessary precautions were taken in terms of hygiene, burial procedures and after that, cleaning, washing & sanitising of the vehicle in question.
Not many people will know what to do with a dead dog, especially a big one like this, but we did it! The owner was so grateful that we were given “Ang Pows (red packets)” as appreciation for the good job done.
It was a real good experience handling dead animals, giving it a decent sent-off, even “serving” animals with L❤️ve & Humility!

We do not know what we will be called to do next but whatever comes, we are game for it and “NO” is never in YSJB’s vocabulary.
We respect all “beings”, as the Buddhists always say “May all beings be well and good.”

Respect for all animals is good. Read about this posting “Muslim vet hopes to foster better appreciation of dogs.”