When the chickens come marching in!

When the chickens come marching in!

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – When the chickens come marching in!
Yes, literally so! Since the STAR article of 2nd July 2022 “When cash is no longer king”, appeared with NGOs, including us asking the public to donate in kind, we were told by a generous donor who asked us to take delivery of 100 dressed chickens from Mt Austin, JB.


Yes, the chickens all came dressed up”, this time, all individually packed as can be seen from the “illustration” we have made.

With the good responses of donation in kind, we bought another chest freezer in addition to the two we already have at our office cum store. Many thanks to the various donors in kind of ‘goodies’ like frozen roti paratha & frozen prawn dumplings (hargow) from Tee Yih Jia Manufacturing Pte Ltd, ice creams from Walls and frozen asam Pari fish from Fish Club.
The challenge is to take delivery of these “goodies” from the collection point and have them delivered, still in its frozen form, to our freezers in the fastest possible time. Routes have to be planned properly and meticulously using Waze to minimize the time.

We also wish to acknowledge the Promac milk powder given to us over the past 5 years or so – indeed many of the babies are now called “PROMAC BABIES”, a name coined by the mothers themselves each time we deliver Promac milk as part of our food bank to the poor families. They are so proud to see their babies grown over the years being fed on Promac milk, to the mothers Promac milk is synonymous with growing-up babies.

I might have missed out on some donors in kind, some want to remain anonymous. Our apologies if we have missed out mentioning your company but your contributions are gratefully acknowledged with heartfelt thanks and appreciations. God bless all of you!
To the many donors, thank you, thank you! 🙏

We welcome more donations in kind so that we can use whatever cash we have to help more of our clients (the Poor & Needy). It is a never ending task helping the Poor due to the rising cost of food and fewer donations received by NGOs (a drop of some 50%), we are badly affected but help for the Poor must go on, albeit in smaller quantities for each family we help – something is better than nothing!