woken up by poor and needy 2021 aug

Woken Up By The Poor & Needy

Yayasan Suria JB(YSJB) – Woken up by the Poor & Needy at 2.32 am 11/8/2021!

Yes, literally so, not by a phone call but by a reminder from my consciousness that situation is getting from bad to worst with no signs of COVID-19 getting any better and more and more people are in dire need for the basic to fill their hungry stomachs – FOOD!
Yesterday (10/8/2021) was Awal Muharram, I didn’t realised it was as everyday is a working day feeding the Hungry.

I received a call from a woman at 10.30 am saying she was at our store/food bank in Johor Jaya waiting for me. At that time, I was out collecting bread. She came by Grab and I told her to wait until 11.30 am when I can meet her at our store.

She cried and told me ‘what if I don’t come, no food, Grab can’t wait, so how’. I told her to ask the Grab to go away and wait for me.

Yes, I arrived as promised, she was with a small baby in her arms, she cried just because I was there – perhaps knowing that everything will be OK.

I opened the door, loaded whatever I have(bread, rice, cooking oil, Milo, yellow mee, vegs, kicap, eggs, etc), helped her to pack & called a Grab for her.

She cried again, she has no more money to pay for Grab, I gave her RM10 after she told me where she stayed.

Came to Grab, told the driver her predicament, asked for FOC, driver told me he was equally in bad shape and he needed the money for feeding his family too. I took out another RM10 and gave to him and wish him well.

Such are the worsening state of affairs the rakyat of 🇲🇾 are in, we do our best.
Just before that I received a SOS from my friend and fellow YSJB committee member who ‘loaned’ us his shop to be used as our store/food bank – “ONLY 1 GOODIES BAG LEFT”.

With so many people patronising our store daily (some 20 to 25 not including the ones we service outside bringing goodies to their houses), we just make good with whatever we have – Promac milk, cooking oil, eggs, yellow mee and lots of vegs just given by a farmer in Ulu Tiram.

When times are good, we gave our clients ‘full goodies bags’, we apologise for our shortfall, they understand our plight and nevertheless took whatever we have to give with a grateful heart.

This morning (11/8/2021) at 3.21 am, I dug deep into our reserves, scrapped the bottom of the barrel and ordered from LOTUS’S (TESCO) another RM7,000 worth of goodies bags for our clients.

It has been a roller coaster ride for an NGO like us, we have good times when goods are aplenty and bad times when we have nothing much to give and with people crying 😢 for help.

For info, other NGOs also come to our store to take away goodies bags as they are equally ‘hardly surviving’, we also helped restaurants/hawkers who are hardly surviving by ordering and paying the cooked food and giving them away for the Poor, Needy & Hungry. No end in sight but we do our best serving with L❤️ve & Humility.

So what do we do?

We walk by faith – not knowing where we are really going but knowing that God will surely lead us somewhere. I always tell God I am doing his work and all the time, God provides!
Hopefully, by today (11/8/2021), things will be back to normal at our store and the Poor & Needy will be given their fair share of what we have.

My appeal – please help us so that, together we shall make this world a better place for all to live!

May all beings be well & good!