YSJB Serving Covid-19 positive clients on Home Quarantine

YSJB Serving COVID-19 Positive Clients On Home Quarantine

Yayasan Suria JB(YSJB) – Serving Covid-19+ clients on Home Quarantine.

Yes, with all Covid-19 Hospitals & Quarantine Centres not being able to accept any Covid-19 patients due to ‘full capacity’, they are required to do Home Quarantine.
Lately, we are running about 3 to 4 families daily but the protocols of delivering food aid(barang dapur) got to be changed.

1. We call the clients first. For landed property, we leave the groceries outside the gate while they stay inside the house. Once done, we go back inside our vehicle, watch them taking the groceries and we leave.

No pic taking together with them as they are COVID-19 +.

2. For flats, it is a bit tricky. They are not supposed to leave their flat.
We call them first, ok, they see our vehicle. We leave the ‘goodies’ at the car park. Since they can’t leave their flats, we call them to inform a non-Covid-19 neighbour to come down.

We get back into the vehicle, watch them taking the groceries until finished before we leave. There were instances where the balance goodies were ‘hijacked’ by someone(can’t blame them as all are in dire straits).

With the national average hovering around the 20k mark for the last 7 days and JB is of no exception with more and more people on home quarantine, sometimes as many as 9 in the same household all infected with Covid-19.

Situation is getting from bad to worst and NGOs like us serving these new group of COVID-19 + clients must take all necessary precautions not to be infected too.
We take this in the stride of our work, it is increasingly challenging as the Delta variant of this Covid-19 seems to be spreading rapidly all over.

Some of the messages received:
“Selamat ptg bos..
Saya Zxxxxx LGM dah seminggu masuk wad kota tinggi positif covid..orang rumah pun positif covid di rumah anak2 semua pakai gelang putih 14 hari”.
“Lionmas Lxxxx, may need help. Family under quarantine for Covid. Can you call her?”
“Mangsa Covid-19+.
Nama: Sxx Xx Cxxx
Alamat rumah: xx, Jalan Bayan 2, Taman Kota Putri, Masai, Johor.
No tel:011216693xx
Bilangan keluarga: 5 orang.

These are real, these are scary!

All of us got to take individual responsibility to ensure we don’t catch the Covid-19 as Hospitals & Quarantine Centres are full and we have to fend for ourselves.


For the Poor & Needy, they do not even have money to buy food, can’t order anything online, call Grab or do anything. They have to look for NGOs/NGIs to deliver food to them. Tomorrow, I have 3 COVID-19+ Home Quarantine clients to attend to, someone has got to do it and we serve with L❤️ve & Humility.

Please pray for all NGOs/NGIs as we serve people on Home Quarantine.

Thank you.