YSJB’S WEEKLY RMCO REPORT (12/10/2020 – 18/10/2020)

YSJB’S WEEKLY RMCO REPORT (12/10/2020 – 18/10/2020).

Hi Folks,

As always, warm greetings and a very good morning. Be always grateful & thankful that you can still read what I am about to write. Many can’t, they are not with us anymore. We can count how much of money we have but we can’t count how much of time we have!
Many readers have advise me to stay at home with many COVID-19 clusters all over the country, including JB where I am.
I have decided otherwise, it was the same situation as on the first day of MCO(18/3/2020), perhaps worse now as more and more are pleading/crying for help – their ‘silent’ cries(only known to social workers like us who walk the ground) must not be ignored, they are everywhere, the middle-income group has become the ‘New Poor’ – too shy to tell others of their predicament, understandable – pride, ego, loss-of-face.

12/10/2020. –
Another run to Interway’s store in Pasir Gudang to take Promac’s instant milk powder(last consignment), we shall miss the friendly and helpful staffs at Interway. Back to our store in Jalan Bakawali for storage, it is from here that we distribute to the Poor & Needy. Precious milk, imported from NZ, to be given to only those deserving, at times we have people who can afford asking for them which we politely declined – sometimes to the extend ‘friendship is soured’.
– Off to MK ElderCare Home in Kg Melayu Majidee, JB where paralysed girl, Har Li Jun, is staying. Paid bills amounting to RM4,143.45 – we have been sponsoring her about RM4k to RM5k monthly since Mar 2018 when we bought a ventilator costing RM49,600.00 for her as she is fully dependent on this machine to keep her alive.
Inspite of her disability, she gave me 2 packets of Ambpoeial yoghurt as her appreciation for our love and care, perhaps she knows YSJB is paying for her stay at the Home, nevermind – it’s her good-heartedness that counts.
Thanks to some kind souls who have been making this huge amount of expenses possible.
– Dashed to Jalan Bakawali, Johor Jaya to take preloved items – shoes, clothings, bags, etc.
– A carton(25 x 1 kg milk) from Promac to Mariam Home for aged in Kluang.
– Quick dash to Taman Megah Ria to distribute the preloved clothings and together with Promac milk for the many families waiting there. Happy smiles all round.

13/10/2020.- Off to Taman Serene to take RM1k cash from an anonymous donor.
– Quick run to Taman Melodies to hand over official receipt to a donor at his office.
– Back to our store in Jalan Bakawali, Johor Jaya to unload more rice, instant milk, biscuits, etc and to rearrange them.
– Dash to JB YAP Brothers(wholesale store) in Jalan Bakawali to source for mineral water, instant noodles and biscuits for FLEXTRONICS, Senai to be donated to Permai Hospital, Tampoi.
– A quick run to Taman Megah Ria to distribute Promac’s milk, biscuits and instant noodles to 7 families.
– Went to Mr Lo’s office in Taman Gaya to setup Website/PayPal for YSJB. He is an expert in Website/Internet-related business.
For YSJB, Mr Lo is being paid just a nominal sum with the intention of helping us – thank you 🙏🙏🙏.

With more and more people YSJB is helping(never ending), we are increasing our outreach to explore more sources of funding, some RM600k a year is needed to fund our various activities.
– Our exchange of Ensure milk(20 Ensure milk spoons = 1 tin 850 gm Ensure milk) arrived.
8 tins in total – will be giving to our clients, we purchase 32 tins monthly, each costing us about RM85.

– Remember the Permas Jaya lady who was too poor to pay for her columbarium? We paid RM4,880.
Now we are giving RM100 each to her 2 children as monthly financial aid wef 1st Nov 2020.
– To another single mum with 2 kids in Sri Stulang flats, the poor section in JB, RM150 monthly wef 1st Nov 2020
YSJB is ditching out RM7,350 monthly(latest updates) to 43 families/Homes/Schools.
– Siti of Sari Saujana Home for Down Syndrome, Stulang, JB.
No money to pay for her rental of RM1,400 a month.
Never ending requests for help – sourcing for funds now.
– Quick run to Tasek 64 flats, Seri Alam, Masai(the poorest area in Masai) to an NGI with preloved items for distribution to the Needy.
– To Taman Megah Ria tp give away 2 cartons(72 bags) of Rise against Hunger rice to 15 families.
– To Taman Dahlia to pass 5 packets(50 pieces) of adult pampers to a paralysed women, enough to last for a month.
– Video interview by Reel Studio for IMSHA winners at Ponderosa Golf Club.

15/10/2020. – Attended a seminar on Gender Equality and Social Inclusion(GESI) organised by IRDA(Iskandar Regional Development Authority) @ Danga Bay, JB.
– In collaboration with another NGO, Ihsan Johor, sent 100 kg Promac’s instant milk powder and 40 boxes masks to Semporna, Sabah.
– Gave away Chinese cabbages and lotus root to 50 families in Megah Ria, Masai & Tasek 64 flats, Seri Alam areas.
– Attended JASA’s(Johor Aid & Social Assistance) meeting in Nusa Bistari, JB to finalise an event on Sun, 25/10/2020 in Kulai where we shall be giving away food aid for 170 poor families and cash loan of RM1,000 each to 50 persons to start a business.

16/10/2020. Gave biscuits and rice to 8 poor families in Tasek 64 flats, Seri Alam.
– Gave out RM800 cash to Madam Teo’s sister, being money collected during Madam Teo’s wake, for her 2 children left behind.
– Another RM200 monthly to Mogana who stays at Tasek 64 flats, she used to give out RM5 to RM10 to poor families who comes knocking on her door, a small monthly allowance from YSJB to help her to defray her own pocket expenses, wef 1/11/2020.
– Delivered instant noodles from Win Far Trading, Seri Alam, enough for 70 families in Megah Ria and Tasek 64 areas.

17/10/2020. Off again to Win Far Trading in Seri Alam to clear the balance of the instant noodles 🍜, this time with a 3-tonne lorry, to be distributed amongst other NGOs/NGIs.
– Got a call from one, Hamzah, he saw YSJB’s advert on our Toyota Innova and wanted to donate, he gave us RM200, thank you.
– An NGO from Kulai went to our Johor Jaya store and took away 200 packets x 1 kg milk from Promac, masks and rice for function on 25/10/2020 as stated earlier.
– Quick run to Ulu Tiram to pass 25 x 1 kg Promac milk and 50 cartons instant noodles to another NGI for distribution to the Poor & Needy.
– Distributed veg(bitter gourd, cabbage & lotus root) to 5 families in Plentong and Megah Ria areas.
– To Permas Jaya to deliver a pair of spectacles to a boy from Cahya Optical Centre, JohorJaya.
Special spectacles at a discounted price of RM230 – actual price RM500.
– Visited ‘Again & Again’ shop at 56, Jalan Ibrahim, JB – selling preloved items, profit to be used for buying food provisions for the Poor & Needy.
Salute to Fancy Tan for tending to the needy in her own unique way!
Go visit ‘Again & Again’ and support them!

– Delivered instant noodles to 3 families in Plentong, Seri Alam and Permas Jaya areas.

What a week it has been, I am enjoying every bit of it tending to the Poor & Needy,
knowing that someone on the brink of giving up is being saved just because someone cares.

Thank you & God bless.