diwali deepavali 2021 YSJB

Bringing Deepavali cheers to our Indian friends

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – Bringing Deepavali cheers to our Indian friends.

It was some 2 weeks ago that our Indian supporters called me whether they can do a food run for YSJB’s Poor & Needy Indian cilents.

Families were identified, 4 Indians and 1 Chinese. Also an Indian Home in Plentong with 72 inhabitants. Being coloured blind (YSJB has this core values of serving all irrespective of race, religion or colour), they (also coloured blind) told me to give to a Chinese family too.

2 days before (2/11/2021), a truck load of goodies(frozen chicken from Aqina, new clothings, Deepavali cookies, birthday cakes, vegs, fish, tuper wares, water canisters, Deepavali ‘red packets’, etc were all packed up for me to pick up at 9.00 am at Uda, JB and Taman Pelangi, JB.

Off, I went, as fast possible as the frozen chickens must not be kept too long to maintain its freshness. Family after family, all done in 3 hours from place to place – Ulu Tiram, Plentong, Permas Jaya, Johor Jaya & Desa Jaya.
The smiles on the faces of the recipients made our day, they were ‘surprised’ and told me they never expected such ‘goodies’ to enable them to celebrate this ‘Festival of Lights’.

To all the people who made this happened, thank you. The donors are a spark, lighting up the lives of the Poor and YSJB just a vehicle making all these possible.

To all our friends celebrating Deepavali, we wish you ‘HAPPY DIWALI’ and enjoy this auspicious celebration.

Today (3/11/2021), we just helped out an Indian family (single mum with 2 kids) in Tun Aminah, JB. Evicted from her flats as she couldn’t pay rental, landlord locked her flat, she slept with her kids outside the locked flat for 3 days, no money to eat too.
We saw her at lunch time, spoken to the landlord, paid a month’s rental of RM550 and gave her RM350 to celebrate Deepavali. Also gave her food provisions, bread, bananas which I bought for my own consumption, lots of Promac milk and whatever I have in my Toyota Hilux.

I just got news that she is now back at her flat and busy preparing for Deepavali tomorrow.

They told me to take a pic but I said ‘not necessary’ as I want to protect their identity and to maintain their pride – they have their pride & dignity damaged for the past 3 days and I can understand their predicament.

Tomorrow, Deepavali itself, we shall be running with another group of supporters bringing cooked vegetarian food, chocolates, fruits, ice cream and other ‘goodies’ to another Home in Saleng, Kulai comprising of 400 inhabitants, another busy day, serving our clients with L❤️ve & Humility.

What a joy that we can bring relief, happiness and love to a family who will, at least, be able to celebrate Deepavali with dignity again!