help from yayasan kebajikan suria johor bahru

Thank you for donating to the Yayasan Kebajikan Suria Kawasan Permas, Johor Bahru (or the “Foundation”) through our website

If you are not entirely satisfied with your donation, we’re here to help.


As a charitable organisation, the Yayasan Kebajikan Suria Kawasan Permas, Johor Bahru (“the Foundation”) has a strict non-refund policy on all donations made on its website, except in the event where a duplicate transaction occurs due to an error in the software or the processing, or unauthorized use of your payment card is proved. If you become aware of fraudulent use of your card, or if it is lost or stolen, you must notify your card provider in accordance with its reporting rules.

Due to the nature of charity donations refunds are given at the discretion of charity management, no refund or cancellation for Donations through any mode of payment will be allowed for any Donors unless the Donor made a technical fault or error, such as transaction duplicity, data entry mistake or any other circumstances the Foundation at its sole discretion deems fit. The refund or cancellation for Donations must be made within seven (7) days from the date the donation was made, otherwise the Foundation will not process any refund or cancellation request, including the above mentioned event.

If a donation is refunded, the associated tax-exempt receipt is no longer valid.

How to request for refund or cancellation?

To request a refund or cancellation, please contact us at: +60 19-772 4172. Alternatively, send us your information (full name and contact number) and slip(s) related to the payment to Please note that requests made later than one (1) working day of your donation will not be handled.

For online transaction, refunds/cancellations will take approximately one to two weeks while credit card transactions will take approximately one to two months.