Eggs galore for everyone YSJB 2023 May

Eggs galore for everyone

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – 🥚Eggs galore for everyone🥚!

What do you do when you get a message whether you can take about 1,114 trays of eggs, not 1,114 eggs but trays of eggs?

Yes, as usual YSJB doesn’t say “NO” to anything and after a quick calculation, it was 33,420 eggs!

We were told to take from Aqina Farms HQ at Ulu Choh, Pekan Nenas, Johor.

Aqina produces pineapple chickens, chickens that feed on pineapples alone. Also Aqina produces their famous Aqina MD2 premium pineapples, both for local and export markets. Indeed, Aqina has been our synergy partner for years, always giving back to society!

These are kampong eggs, laid by chickens fed on pineapples, courtesy of Aqina Farms as part of their CSR initiatives.

More details of Aqina can be found here:

Logistics, logistics & logistics!

A few quick calls to our synergy partner, Ihsan Johor, and it was all arranged. On 16/5/2023, a few Hiluxs, some making a few trips and a few cars, all trooped to Aqina’s factory at Ulu Choh.

It was a delicate operation to ensure eggs were transported to various locations, including YSJB office, which was used as a distribution point.

Driving a vehicle with eggs loaded to the brim (to maximize transport) required “skills” – max 60 kpm/hour, no sudden swing when taking corners and keeping a far distance from the vehicle in front so that you can brake slowly, in case you have to. A sudden hard brake will cause all the eggs to fall, not only that it is a sin to waste donor’s goods, but the trouble of cleaning up the vehicle and the smell is really terrible. We learned from experience!

Eggs were sorted out (broken ones) and packed into trays of “5s” for easy distribution. Only 35 eggs were broken for whatever reasons. Not bad ah – that worked out to be 0.1% of breakage!

For info, the broken eggs were cooked in the office and consumed by volunteers. Nothing was wasted!

Also on the list, which we distributed together with Aqina eggs, were Promex milk powder and Lee Biscuits donated by staffs of Senai Estate, Senai, Johor.

You see, volunteers like us treat all goods donated to us like “gold”, maximizing its usefulness and never putting anything to waste.

We treat both our donors/supporters and our clients (the Poor & Needy) with utmost respect, serving all with L❤️ve & Humility!

Speed is the essential to deliver all eggs to end users(Homes, other NGOs/NGIs and Poor & Needy families) at the shortest time possible to ensure freshness. It was a mad rush, coordinating this distribution logistics and I am happy to report that, at time of writing, barely 30 hours after taking hold of the eggs, some 85% of the eggs have been distributed, with the balance 15% to be given out by noon tomorrow, 18/5/2023.

I couldn’t have done it alone, thanks to the many volunteers who went out of their way to make things happen – ACTION & SPEED & COMMITMENT!

It was indeed a good experience distributing so many eggs, I have learned a lot and hopefully, this will help us with other projects at hand in the future.

I have not seen or handled so many eggs in my life before and tonight, I shall be dreaming of eggs and eggs and more eggs 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚!

Once again, sincere thanks and appreciation to the donors for making all these happen. Many poor & needy people were so appreciative of the goodies received and asked us to thank the donors.

Together, we can make this world a better place to live!