Encounter of a strange kind

Encounter of a strange kind

Yayasan Suria JB(YSJB) – Encounter of a strange kind!

Date: Mon, 25/10/2021.
Time: About 5.30 pm.
Place: Taman Sierra Perdana, Masai, Johor.

I was on the last leg of my daily running around and dropped by a house to collect some preloved items before calling it quits for the day.

The person giving the preloved item was bringing the goods from inside the house and leaving them just outside the gate on the floor for me to load onto my Toyota Hilux.

While I was loading the 3rd or 4th items, suddenly I saw a couple with a baby in tow next to the vehicle.

The man and wife in their late twenties and baby about 2 years old were *’angelic in appearance’* They looked human but with a look I have never seen before in human beings – they look pathetic, needing help, just amazing look, just hard to describe. I asked them in Bahasa Malaysia ‘anything that I can be of help’ – they didn’t reply in spoken language, they gave me a message by just looking at me ‘YES’.

I went to the vehicle, took whatever I have at that time – vBerg bread/buns, teddy bear, some preloved clothings, bags, etc and gave them. The funny thing was that each time I passed the items to them in the motorbike, I thought they couldn’t take anymore but they keep on taking and it looked like you could filled up a car(they were just on a motorbike) and there was no end that they couldn’t take anymore. The ‘room’ kept on expanding each time you put something in.

I remembered I have milk from Promac, kept on giving them many bags(500 gm each) and they kept taking without putting in a bag. *STRANGE!*
I even gave them my name card. I waited until today(after 6 days), hoping that they will ‘call/message’ me. They did not and that is why I am writing now.

Usually when I give out my name card to our clients(the Poor & Needy), I get about 20 people asking for help. 1 name card = 20 requests. The person whom I gave my card to will inform their friends to contact me, understandable, all are needy.

I do not expect this ‘angelic couple’ to contact me via message/call. *It is just hard to describe what happened in words, it was an encounter I treasured.* Perhaps, ‘they’ will ‘contact’ me in their own way via…….

When I contacted the person who gave me the preloved items asking whether she witnessed such an event, she replied ‘what?’

Strange but this happened and now I know we can communicate with ‘angels’ in real life. I am waiting to be contacted again by this ‘couple’ soon.

This encounter happened at the same time the Foundation is finalising plans to get our office/store *(107, Jalan Bakawali 50, Taman Johor Jaya*) in operation(air-cond fixed, office furnishing and signboard being prepared) soon. A good ‘angelic sign’ indeed as we are in the midst of talking to the landlord to buy over the shoplot, barring any unforseen circumstances.

Pray that this materialises soon and we can have our own building without squatting around all over the place and being ‘chased out’ recently.

It has been a long & arduous journey since the Foundation started on 14th Sept 2012 and the rest is history.