Labour of love on Labour Day YSJB 2023 May

Labour of love on Labour Day

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – Labour of l❤️ve on Labour Day!

Just as I was about to ‘relax’ on this Labour Day, I received these messages:
“Saya Dengan kawan Saya dekat larkin sentral bas station”
“Kita takde rumah tak tau nak pergi mana….”
“Tengah cari kerja, kita 2 hari tidur kat bus station boleh tolong 🙏

(Literally meaning that these 2 boys have been “squatting” in Larkin Bus Station JB for the past 2 days, with no place to stay and looking for jobs).

I whatsapped to a few volunteer chat groups and after 30 mins none responded in wanting to go see the boys.

I called up to ensure they were still there, they sent me the exact location, I told them to go to the cafe downstairs to have some food & drinks, I shall be there in 90 mins to see them and pay for the food.

As I was coming down from my apartment in Seri Alam, I saw the Malaysia/Johor flag flying in the wind and this reminded me of “our duty to my country, 🇲🇾” – berkhidmat untuk negara (serving my country!).

One of my own YSJB volunteers responded, I picked him up from our office in Johor Jaya and we headed straight to Larkin Bus Station.

We called and the 2 boys were sitting on a table without any food and drinks. According to the waiter there, they have been sitting there for an hour plus saying they were waiting for friends and refused to order even any drinks.

Understandably so, they have no money with them and they were afraid “what if we ordered, Uncle James didn’t come”, I told them to order anything they want, we joined them for lunch and chatted with them to find out more about their plights.

When we enquired how they find us, they replied that they typed in “charity in JB” and our website appeared. Yes, our contacts are all over the internet, sometimes other NGOs contact us seeking help and people just call us – we are happy and proud to be a channel for people seeking assistance!

They really enjoyed the food and drinks, they were really hungry and while we were eating, I called a few contacts to secure jobs for them.

A few jobs came in, they wanted to work in a hotel and arrangements were made to bring them at 10.00 am tomorrow for an interview at a hotel nearby. Done!

Took them to a half-way house at Jalan Kolam Air, Anjung Singgah, to have them registered, checked in and we left – free food and accommodation!

Tomorrow, I shall picked them up at 9.15 at the lobby of Anjung Singgah and bring them to the hotel for interview. They later messaged that they have finally got a room to stay, have a good bath and they are very happy – they are happy and volunteers like us, are HAPPIER because others are happy because of us!

The secret to happiness is helping others!

Love comes in many forms, sizes and shapes. One of them was what we have just done – labour of l❤️ve for our sisters and brothers in need of help, with nowhere to go, homeless and with no money even to buy any food!

Other forms of l❤️ve is this:
L❤️ve conquers all!
Happy Labour of L❤️ve Day to everyone!