YSJB food bank 4

Launching of YSJB’s 4th Food Bank Station (FBS)

Yayasan Suria JB(YSJB) – Launching of YSJB’s 4th Food Bank Station(FBS).

It was a hot day at 3.00 pm on 5/3/2021, however some 30 volunteers from JASA(Johor Aid & Social Assistance), a coalition of 4 NGOs, namely YSJB, Ihsan Johor, Sooriya Udhayam & PKWJB came together at Restaurant Raveendran, Kulai to give away ‘goodies’ to 200 families, each costing RM150, a project costing RM30k.

All the 4 chiefs of JASA(Kumanan of Sooriya Udhayam, Farrah of Ihsan Johor, Lydia Goh of PKWJB & James Ho of YSJB) were personally there to ensure the smooth flow – turun padang lah.

On hand to help out were YB Raven himself, Special Officer to MB Johor and the Aqina Farm boys, donors of 200 special Aqina chicken which feed only on pipeapple. Our special thanks to Kumanan of Sooriya Udhayam for being the main organizer of this launch.

All 200 recepients plus some 30 volunteers, including YB Raven, were decon as part of our standard SOP, proper social distancing observed with masks worn at all times by all. All were hand sanitised before receiving the goods.

It was clock work precision registering the names of recipients, filling up of goodies into each bag by volunteers. Police was there to observe the crowd and ensure strict adherence to standard protocols.

Many sponsors/donors chipped in, AM PM Pharmacy with Panadol, Aqina Farms with their famous Aqina pineapple chicken, all JASA members with various goodies and many others donors.

Items include:
Rice, bihun, cooked food, ayam, cooking oil, Panadol, bananas, Timun, Promac milk, eggs, sanitizer, masks, salt, sugar, instant noodles, flour, sardines, condensed milk, bread, dish washer, baby wipes & mineral water.

YB Reven Kumar personally donated RM2k cash to Siti of Sari Saujana Home in Stulang Laut, JB.

200 happy 😊 recepients and 30 equally happy volunteers knowing that their efforts will bring smiles to the many dependants when the goodies are brought home. Serving everybody with Love ♥ & humility, to all volunteers and donors, a big ‘Thank you’ – 🙏🙏🙏

Watch out for our next big project, feeding 500 families, each receiving goodies of RM250, a total cost of RM125k in collaboration with a public-listed company.

Thank you & God bless.

Warmest regards,
James Ho.