YSJB Toilet Soap 2021 June

Little Soaps In Public Toilets

Yayasan Suria JB(YSJB) – My little half-soap!

Sometime ago, I wrote about the above saying I go round petrol stations/eating shop to wash my hands some 8 times a day during my daily rounds helping the Poor & Needy and found that most of them don’t provide soap for customers.

Then, I decided to do my small bit by placing half-cut soaps in places where there were none. I carry 2 small containers with 3 small holes at the bottom in my cargo pants and have a bag of soap in my Toyota Hilux.

Was in Kota Tinggi the whole day(19/6/2021) distributing old pre-loved clothings, bread/buns, masks/baby wipes/recond laptops and some cash to poor families who couldn’t afford to pay water/electricity bills. Some 10 families were visited.

Placed some 8 pieces of soap, all at petrol stations along the way from Masai to Kota Tinggi and back. Was at one of the petrol stations in Ulu Tiram and as I was placing the soap, a man asked why I was doing that, explained to him, he turned out to be the boss of the station. He apologised profusely and immediately sprang into action – took the soap from somewhere and placed in the wash basin. We became friends and I told him who I was.

I was surprised and glad my little act caused a ripple effect, many stations I visited now have the half-cut soap placed in the same boxes that I put there before, indicating that someone is replacing the soap. This is ‘ecstacy’ to me knowing that others are picking up this habit and indirectly halting the spread of COVID-19 in some small ways.

I received calls from many of my contacts(each Business WhatsApp I sent out goes to some 2,000 people) saying they are picking up this simple habit of placing soaps in outlets without proper soap washing facilities.

The fight against Covid-19 is everyone’s duty/responsibility, it is no more ‘you & me’, it is about ‘us’ for if the Covid-19 is so prevalent and the virus is everywhere, sooner or later each and everyone will suffer.
No time for petty issues, no time for disunity as stated by DG Health 🇲🇾.

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