MCO 3 Grab For Food Night Call YSJB 2021 June

Night Call During MCO 3.0 Food Needed

Yayasan Suria JB(YSJB) – Grab, grab, grab!

It was just under 8.00 pm tonight, 14/6/2021 when I received a SOS call that a family tested positive and on House Quarantine couldn’t go out to buy food and also has no money to do so. The place given to me was Megah Ria Flats, the poorest of the Poor area in Masai where I stay. I know this area well.

I was on my computer doing YSJB’s work. Dropped whatever I have to do, darted out and headed there to buy barang dapur(kitchen groceries).

I called the number given, the lady told me they have nothing left to cook. Immediately, I rushed to TESCO(Lotus’s), about to close, rushed to MYDIN, closed. Didn’t realise that hypermarkets/shops close at 8.00 pm during FMCO.

Knowing the Masai area well, darted to some sundry shops hoping they might be ‘about to be closed’.

Saw one, about to pull the shuttle door down, explained and pleaded with the owner the urgency of my case. He slammed the shuttle door shut with me inside!

I grabbed whatever kitchen groceries available inside the small sundry shop, asked for a bill, he tored a piece of paper from an exercise book, wrote the amount RM296.60 and gave it to me. I thanked him profusely for his understanding even though it was a bit pricy. Nevermind.

Rushed to the flat, I left the ‘goodies’ on a table in a shed(I know this area well as I always do food run here), called the lady, went back to my Toyota Hilux, saw her taking the groceries.
I didn’t want to be close to her as she is Covid-19 positive.

I have to be there to keep an eye on the groceries as there were a few times I have left provisions and asked the intended person to take after leaving and the goods were missing, they were taken by others.

Understanable as everyone is poor in this Megah Ria Flats, it is a ‘free for all’ when no one is watching.

Quick dash home, all done in 1 hour 15 mins.

Hurray! Job accomplished serving with L❤️ve & Humility, our YSJB’s motto.