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The endurance and faithfulness of our Foundation

Yayasan Suria JB(YSJB) – The endurance and faithfulness of our Foundation.

We go all out of our way to help. Some cases date back some 15 years ago and we are still helping because they still need our help.

*Case No: 1.*

A single mum with 3 kids in tow, with ARC(AIDS-related complex) came to us some 15 years ago for help. AIDS = Acquired ImmunoDeficiency Syndrome).
For info, YSJB was formed on 14th Sept 2012 but as Founder, I have been doing charity works for the past 40 years.

We journey with the whole family, supporting them financially, seeing to the needs of the family, even bought her a second-hand car to carry the kids for tuition. Fast forward, all 3 kids have graduated from local universities, now working, mum still alive & kicking.
She has been on our Monthly Financial Aid(MFA) list for the past 15 years, recently in Oct 2021, she called to ask us to stop so that we can use the money to help others. Such is the thoughtfulness and big-heartedness of a beautiful lady. Salute!

For info, presently, we are giving out MFA to 42 cases comprising of Homes, schools & individuals amounting to RM10,600 monthly.

I am unsure whether this lady told her children about our journey with the family for all 3 children are now contributing financially to our Foundation.

Such gratefulness, such gratitude and each time I think about this wonderful family, tears of joy  just flood my eyes, I can’t help it, it just happens and I just let it be – enjoying the fruits of my labour!

Ha ha.

*Case No: 2.*

Another case of ARC, single mum with 1 kid, some 15 years ago too.

She is still on our MFA as her son is not earning well, health-wise, she is going partially blind and we wish her well.

*Case No: 3.*

A paralysed guy, fell down while doing construction work, some 13 years ago, wife left him knowing about his fate, counsel the mum and assured her of our support, fully dependant on tube feeding with Ensure milk, 15 tins monthly(each tin = RM85).

We are still journeying with him, supplying him with urinary bags, etc as he is fully bed-ridden, has a son, now 12 years old, fantastic mum looking after his son without grumbling, salute to you, I have so much to learn about ‘what lve is all about’.

*Case No: 4.*

Our ‘darling’ girl, came to us in 2018, paralysed from the neck down, now at a private nursing home in JB, fully-funded by us, about RM4.5k monthly, some RM300k have been spent on her so far.

Read about this amazing story of a young girl, with a grit and determination to live inspite of all the odds, she gives people like me a reason to live and each time I visit her when I go pay her monthly bills, I am encouraged by her will to live.

Read about her amazing journey in the STAR newspaper.

Many more dialysis cases which we are still funding for the past many years, some 10 years.
We do our best, serving our clients with L❤️ve & Humility, this is what we now best!