A super duper busy day charity in Johor Bahru YSJB 2022 OCT

A super duper busy day of charity in Johor Bahru

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – A super duper busy day of charity in Johor Bahru!

Started at 10.00 am and ended at 10.00 pm today. What a day it has been!

On the way to the office at Johor Jaya, I dropped by at Seri Alam to buy stationary for the office, quick detour to fill up Euro 5 diesel, then to Permas Jaya to bank in a cheque (RM2,400) for a student studying at Universiti Malaysia Trengganu and straight to office to attend to some office work.

It is a constant communication with volunteers at the office to buy things and discuss what to do next and for decisions on certain matters.

Loaded 6 food banks into our Toyota Hilux and it was off to Taman Desa Harmonium, Ulu Tiram, Taman Universiti, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah and Tampoi.

A slight detour to Rainbow Family Home, our trusted synergy NGO partner, Ulu Tiram, to pass 3 cartons x 500 gm(78 packets) Promac milk powder for distribution to the Orang Asli at Sg Tiram, Ulu Tiram.

Quick detour to Village Grocer, Paradigm Mall, Skudai to pick up bread/buns.

Got a call from a lady asking us to take a donation cheque and some preloved items, and told her we should be swinging by. But it was not meant to be as we got a call from Lavender bread in Plentong that our scheduled bread run for today has still not been collected. We dropped everything and rushed to do the collection as someone tasked to collect did not inform us that they couldn’t do so. Things do happen and being nimble, we rushed to Lavender Plentong, reaching there by 6.30 pm. Actual collection time is at 1.00 pm.

Quick rush to Botanica, Bakar Batu to present 3 cheques(RM1,200 each) to Netherlands Maritime University College students to pay for their tuition fees. Passed some Lavender bread to the students.

A quick detour to Permas Jaya to give RM700 cash to a poor family for household expenses.

A quick run to Econsave Permas Jaya to buy a gas stove for a lady who had requested for it a day earlier and a quick dash to office to load the remaining bread in the freezer at the office.

We were supposed to load the goodies bags at the office to bring to Tasek 64 flats for Deepavali do on Sat, 22/10, this got shelved off tomorrow as it was running late(9.00 pm).

With the gas stove in the Hilux and some bread for another family, I was thinking whether to drop by Tasek 64 flat for the lady who requested it a day earlier. The thought of her not being able to cook as her gas stove was not functioning made me rush over to hand her the gas stove.

Her message a day earlier and her reply is touching and heart warming:

“Terima kasih banyak2 uncle minta maaf banyak susahkan uncle🙏🏻
Berapa uncle beli kalau suami gaji saya bayar dekat uncle.

Syukur Alhamdulillah uncle terima kasih banyak2 uncle sangat2 baik terima kasih menolong saya sekeluarga kecil ini🙏🏻🙏

Message from warden of Netherlands Maritime University College students:
” Yayasan Suria JB without fail sending us food every Thursday and Friday for at least 75 pax for our b40s students. But this time Uncle James donated Rm1200 each to homii boys.

Recipient Andrian, Jay and Bashir. Bashir though not always in warden’s office will never hesitate to help us cleaning up etc..

Testimony that we do care for our students and we are color blind.

We are forever living you Mr James and YSJB.

The 3 students will someday launch their career in matitime/shipping industry and indeed will return the kindness of YSJB to the country.”

I am dead tired, not too sure where I get my energy to do all these and now trying to finish up my report before I knock off.

I guess it is the passion to serve, especially to serve with L❤️ve & Humility that drives us and fuel us with the mental energy where happiness is derived, thus propelling us to keep doing what we love to do best – serving humanity even though we don’t get paid, work long hours and get humiliated at times. An eternal spring inside us is never tired of serving other even though today is a holiday in Johor – I came to know of this after being told later because the state football team won some tournaments. But it is work as usual for YSJB as hungry people have to eat whether it is a holiday or otherwise, right?
I better pen off (now 11.30 pm) and G9.