We are a colour-blind NGO YSJB 2022 Nov

We are a colour-blind NGO!

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – We are a colour-blind NGO!

Recently, with so many hate speeches touching on race/religion in Malaysia, let me inform you that being a volunteer, we serve everyone, irrespective of race/religion.

This has been our track record, organizing many food aid programs for everyone. Indeed, I have volunteers whom I have asked them to leave because of their motives in racial/religious overtones. Some of my financial supporters have asked me not to aid certain religious/racial groups and I told them off – “I don’t need your money if the money that goes towards YSJB is for a particular race/religion”. We have since broken ranks with this particular racist group.

Such is our stand from Day 1 and this will be our stand in the future too. We have collaborated with Ihsan Johor (under the leadership of Puan Farrah Faridah Baptist), also colour blind, with Van Jenazah Team Pemburu Pahala (under the stewardship of Mohamad Hamimi), another colour-blind NGI.

For info, both IJ & YSJB are under this umbrella group of IMSHA (Iskandar Malaysia Social Hero Awards), recognized by UN (United Nations):

Ihsan Johor (IJ) is our synergy partner, having worked alongside with us on many projects to serve our clients, the Poor & Needy, with L♥ve & Humility!


In Johor, we are fortunate to have this concept of “Bangsa Johor” where all races live in harmony with one another, a unique way of fostering respect, peace and mutual l♥ve & care for each other, fully endorsed by HRH The Sultan of Johor. Daulat Tuanku!

To move together as one nation in the same direction, caring for one another, was also propagated by our TMJ:

As volunteers/NGOs, we serve our clients, the B40s.