A typical day of food run by volunteers YSJB 2022 Mar 1

A typical day of food run by volunteers!

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – A typical day of food run by volunteers!

Due to the impact of the COVID-19, many families are still in dire need of the basic food(barang dapur) and some of these families are our long-term clients – meaning that they were on our monthly food aid run long before the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our monthly food aid list consists of 25 families (long term), with more added on from time to time, depending on our assessments and these are a one-off food aid run. About 50 families (short/long term) are given food aid monthly.

Average of RM120 per family x 50 = RM6,000.

About 40 families have their monthly cash aid banked into their accounts and 2 families handed cash aid directly as they do not operate bank accounts. Total: RM9,000.

Monthly aid(food/cash) varies from month to month depending on cases coming in. Cases are reviewed periodically to ensure that who can stand on their own feet are taken off the list. It is an ongoing process of vetting done by a committee to ensure only the Needy obtain the aid, our money comes from the public and we are accountable for every cent spent.

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