Vburg bread distribution to needy YSJB 2022 April

The “kindness” virus is not so contagious as the Omicron virus!

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – The “kindness” virus is not so contagious as the Omicron virus!

Understandably so as we live in a materialistic or dog-eat-dog world where money is everything to many people.

Only a very small percentage of the population are NGOs(Non Governmental Organisation) or NGIs(Non Governmental Individuals) who have the passion to help the Poor & Needy whereas the majority couldn’t care less about the plight of their fellow brothers and sisters.

Perhaps, it is because it does not affect them (NOMB – None Of My Business) or MYOB (Mind My Own Business). However, NGOs/NGIs are busybodies but for a good cause – lending a helping hand to those in need.

Yes, being kind is a hard thing to do for many because we can’t share what we have for fear that we will have nothing if we share or give away too much. It is human nature to hold on for our own use or benefits. I have seen situations where the deceased left behind so many things that it necessitated us to hire a big lorry to cart off all the things left behind – YSJB is involved in shifting off household items to give away to the Poor & Needy.

From this, I have learnt that we give others so much of trouble by accumulating so much and not giving away for we can’t take along our possessions when we die.

To many, happiness is all about money, money and more money. Let me relate to you these 3 stories of what kindness and happiness are.

1. Remembered the homeless guy I wrote about recently where he lived under a tree off the Johor Jaya-Ulu Tiram highway, just opposite JUSCO Desa Tebrau? Each time I pass this area, I will give him a 2-hoot horn and he will wave his hand. Rapport established.

Today, I gave him some bread/buns from VBurg Molek and some bananas from Paradigm Mall SouthKey JB. These 2 projects are through The Lost Food Project(TLFP) which YSJB is a participant.

After 6 visits, he shared with me that he was about to give up life because nobody cares for him. Nobody was kind to him and all he got was scoldings and curses from people he met, all looking down on him due to his shabbiness.

He told me how kind I was and he now wanted to live as someone cares.

How kindness has prevented someone from giving up, he was deep down a dark pit, with no light in sight, now he can see some light, some hope and I am sure with a few more visits, more kindness and love, he will be up and running soon – looking forward to life!

2. Sometime ago, someone called me, very rich in money, inherited from his father tons of money, always complaining, grumbling and fuzzing about life, not being happy, with no direction in life. No happiness with so much money!

I told him to do some volunteer work in some Homes like cutting the finger/toe nails of the folks there, just be there lending a listening ear to them, etc.

He followed my advice and he told me he found so much happiness and satisfaction helping others, something that all his richness(with money) can never buy.

Now, he volunteers at various Homes, buy curry puffs from some kids in front of banks, not because he wants to eat but he gives to some poor people he meets like drain sweepers, etc.

He told me that he found so much happiness in giving away that he received much more joy(better than happiness) in return. A guy who finally found “happiness of another kind” that money couldn’t buy. I am so happy for him, he donates regularly to charity and YSJB is one of them.

3. A friend of mine called up to say that she noticed more and more homeless people after reading about the homeless guy under the tree as described earlier.


I told her that we are moving too fast that we don’t see, slow down and you will see better. “We see what we want to see and we don’t see what we don’t want to see” and how can we see when we are going so fast?

We must have a heart to see – “to see with our hearts, not our eyes”.

The Homeless are always there, it is because we don’t use our “hearts” to see, our physical eyes can’t see the Homeless if we don’t use our “hearts to see”!

She told me later that she now noticed so many Poor among us, she helps as many as possible now that she finally sees them through the “eyes in her heart” 💕 and found so much happiness.

All NGOs/NGIs are planting “seeds of kindness” as we go around our daily chores of helping the Poor & Needy, the seeds will grow one fine day, producing more seeds of kindness and hopefully, this “kindness virus” will spread like Omicron to make this world a better place of everyone to live.