All in a day's work on 2021aug8

All in a day’s work on 8/8/2021

A typical day (9.00am to 6.00 pm, occasionally stretching till midnight if the situation demands, never a dull moment, ever busy serving with L❤️ve & Humility) but it’s a Sunday(Sabbath day) and a raining day too today. All soaked up, drenched but dried up by itself when rain stopped and we distributed to the many more families. What a day it has been! Self-drying? Ha ha!

I do get a lot of comments from the some 3,000 readers each time I write.

Some say I should not be working on a Sunday (a day of rest), some say I have not be writing much to keep them informed of YSJB’s activities (I wish I could do so more often), some say I should not be running around exposing myself to the Covid-19, especially so now with the high number of infections hovering around the 20k mark.

Thanks for all the well intended comments which are said in good faith, very caring and concerned about my well – being, all of which are well noted and appreciated. Thank you, thank you.