YSJB Charity Giving Does RM30.00 mean a lot to you?

Charity Giving: Does RM30.00 mean a lot to you?

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – Does RM30.00 mean a lot to you?

Perhaps not for all of you reading my diary post. But to some, it means the world to them.

Let me relate this story which has just unfolded. I was about to take my bath upon reaching home today (earlier than usual today as it is my grandson’s birthday and we have a family dinner) when my phone rang. Usually, I will not bother too much as I wanted to clean myself with a good shower but something told me to take the call, a hunch?

On the line was one of our clients, she is on our monthly food bank list (not monthly cash aid lists which we either go online to their bank account or go and give cash for those who do not know how to operate a bank account), she asked for some help (only RM30) to buy gas for cooking, husband has not gotten his pay yet and she has to cook dinner tonight.

I told her we don’t give cash as she is already on our monthly food bank assistance. Later, I called her back, asked for her bank account, and she gave.

I have not taken my bath yet, thought for a while and noticed that it will cost her about RM10 from Tasek 64, Seri Alam to go to BSN in Masai, some 6 km away.

I rang her again, told her to come down from her 4-storey walk-up flats in about 10 mins. I reached her flat, feeling so sad, so depressing, trying to figure out why we still have these hardcore poor in our midst when our leaders are sucking our citizens high and dry (I ask for no apology here as this is a fact). Nevermind, as I look into my Toyota Hilux rear mirror, I have never felt sad, so disgusted and having feelings so mixed up that were so hard to describe in words – it was just sickening!

There she came with her 2 years old plus girl, I gave her RM60, she insisted she only wanted RM30, we were ‘haggling’, ‘pushing’ the money back and forth, finally I saw a little pocket in the little girl’s dress and I put the money in. I left, telling her I have more families to serve. I saw mother and child standing and staring at me as I looked at my rear mirror – such was her unselfishness, her gratitude and humility not to accept more than what she requested. A lady with good values!

I reached home, jumped into the bathroom for a well-deserved shower and as I am writing this, I received many “thank you” messages/calls and a cute picture of the little girl holding on to the money given.

I can only pray that this “beautiful” family will be ok and lead a normal life just like any of us. Perhaps, we will be giving this family a small monthly cash aid, in addition to the monthly food bank assistance until they can stand on their own feet.

For info, 2 months ago, we gave them a one-off RM30O cash aid to pay for rental, water/electricity bills.

I am wondering how many families here (and in Malaysia) are in such dire straits, with even no money to buy cooking gas – aren’t all of us guilty and be responsible to ensure none of our sisters and brothers live in such poverty?

Never have imagined that such poor people still exist in our midst! I am the saddest person here on earth today.