YSJB Social Service an outing for paralysed girl Har Li Jun to celebrate her big achievement

Social Service: An outing for paralysed girl, Har Li Jun to celebrate her big achievement!

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – An outing for paralysed girl, Har Li Jun to celebrate her big achievement! On 14/9/2022, I wrote in my diary post “Never give up!” and as promised, 5 volunteers took her for shopping & lunch in 2 vehicles today (20/9/2022). https://www.facebook.com/1513241468889521/posts/3280388742174776/ We started from MK Eldercare Home at Kg Melayu Majidee in 2 vehicles, Har Li Jun was on full makeup as she wanted to look pretty, she wanted to live a normal life like you and me. Reaching Midvalley Southkey, JB, we met at Hokkaido Tart where another 2 volunteers were waiting. As all of us were feeling hungry, we asked Li Jun what her choice was and she replied “steamboat” and we headed straight to Chi-Gui Mala Hot Pot on the ground floor. As she was the main guest of honour, she chose all her favorite items and we just enjoyed all the food – fantastic choice! After lunch, we pushed her around in her specially- ordered wheelchair(can be dismantled/folded) which we paid RM3,760 some 4 years ago. She was so happy and with not much of a crowd, being a working day, we had a good time talking and interacting with her, though at times, we got to seek the help of Ms Trista Tan, the caregiver who can understand her better. Our first stop was a beauty shop, SEPHORO and another beauty shop, L’OCCIITANE. Mine you, these names are foreign to me, never in my life have I heard of these names. Nevermind, she chose her ‘favourites’, she wanted to look beautiful, she wanted to live in spite of her being paralysed. We were encouraged by her zeal and determination to lead a normal life just like any of us. Indeed, this special outing was to celebrate her weaning off the ventilator (which we bought for RM49,600) when we first took care of her some 4 years ago. She was hooked up on the ventilator for most of her life, 24 hours a day initially, then we slowly encouraged her to be less and less dependent on the ventilator. And now she can breathe on her own without the use of the ventilator for the past 2 months. HURRAY! However, we quietly sneaked the ventilator somewhere, without her knowledge, just in case there was a need – but she was normal and she was breathing well. Congrats Har Li Jun, your strong will to live, in spite of all the odds against you, put us to shame and encourages us to keep on journeying with you. Indeed, we have got so much to learn from you how to live life and stop complaining about our life which can be considered “perfect”. Salute to you, Har Li Jun. Just before leaving Midvalley, we stopped by Village Grocer to buy her favorite tibits after spending some 3 hours at the Mall. It was time to say goodbye and she made it a point to personally thank us for the steamboat lunch, beauty products and ‘goodies'(including Hokkaido tarts). There were tears of joy in her eyes and we, volunteers, felt her sincerity and her warmness and this made us want to cry too. Har Li Jun, rest assured that YSJB will never abandon you and we pray that, in the not too distance future, we will walk with you, shopping again but this time, without the wheelchair! We urge all of you reading this, to continue praying for her speedy recovery.