Christmas Charity 2021 DEC YSJB

Christmas Charity December 2021

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – A working Christmas day!

On this same day, 4 years ago in 2017 on Christmas day, I remembered clearly when we were distributing cooked food in pouring rain to the Poor & Needy.

Today, on Christmas day too, I have wanted to take a break, being a Catholic myself, to celebrate Christmas. But duty before self called out for me to ‘work’ – I received SMS/calls asking whether I was working on Christmas day today. I was on my computer at 9.30 am trying to clear up administrative work for YSJB.

The Poor & Needy pleaded with me to give them groceries – nothing to eat and the children were crying. I decided I must go out even though I prefer staying at home relaxing and catching up with the many printouts of donations and replying to supporters of YSJB.
Left the house at 9.45 am, being a public holiday I decided to go solo not wanting to call the volunteers, headed straight to office/store in Johor Jaya, took whatever stocks available(5 of each for 5 families, rice, instant noodles, chocolate power, cooking oil, sardines, etc.
Then straight to Econsave Permas Jaya to pick up the balance ‘goodies’ – dressed chicken, vegs, onions, garlic, eggs, yellow mee, etc.

Off to Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, Taman Dahlia, Taman Gembira and Taman Century. Was caught in heavy rain in Taman Dahlia while unloading the ‘goodies’, nevermind my T-shirt/trousers will dry up in the air-cond Toyota Hilux. Last stop – headed straight to Intan LifeZone(Home for HIV/AIDS) to deliver food stuffs.

Was happy I have done 4 families and 1 Home.


Many more to go, it is always work in progess (WIP), a never ending task even if you don’t sleep, nevermind.

Just then, my buddy volunteer, Billy, called at 1.45 pm and asked whether I wanted to run somemore families today. I said ‘OK’. Met him at his house at Taman Molek 3.00 pm.

Off we went to the office again to collect whatever avalable, this time we remembered some frozen chickens from Aqina and some Promac milk for another NGO in Ulu Tiram.

Dropped the 3 cartons Promac milk at Ulu Tiram and headed straight to deliver to another family in need in Taman Universiti.

As we were about to leave this family, a woman came out of her house, told us about her daughter who is a single mum with a 6-year-old daughther who doesn’t earn much, etc. Gave my name card and told her to give us more details in sms, looks like another potential client.
Now we headed straight to Jalan Wadihana, JB to deliver ‘goodies’ to the two last families.

Dropped off my buddy at Taman Molek and reached home at Taman Seri Alam, Masai 7.30 pm.
What a day it has been! Rushing from one Taman to another but the satisfaction of seeing the ☺ smiling faces, full of gratitude and appreciation made our day.

Would I want to do this again if circumstances require me relive this sacrifice for the Poor & Needy?


You need to be there in the midst of the action to feel the pulse of doing all these, to serve humanity with L❤️ve & Humility – I call this the highest form of LOVE ❤️!

Just blissfully enjoying every moment of serving others, something money can’t buy – it’s joy, it is ECSTASY!