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Deepavali (24/10/2022) – Behind the scenes!

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – Deepavali (24/10/2022) – Behind the scenes!

Further to my post regarding the above, there has been a lot of planning & logistics involved to feed 1,000 people and give away 200 food banks – all done behind the scenes by our hard-working volunteers who rise to the occasion each time they are called to do so, serving with passion in line with our motto of “Serving with L❤️ve & Humility”!
Funny ah! You don’t pay them, yet they volunteer to serve.

Bulk order of goodies from our regular wholesaler who gives us a discounted price, he too wants to do some charity and he is very happy to do so.

Delivered to our office/store and with 5 volunteers (including a 7-year old ‘young future’ volunteer), a total of 48 packets of goodies (13 items inside so far) were packed and delivered to Tasek 64 flats to be kept at the locked hall. More will be packed and delivered in the next few days. We are looking at putting more ‘goodies’ into the bags like dressed chickens and eggs – looking for sponsors for 200 small chickens (about RM10 each) and eggs (a small pack of 10 eggs costing about RM5 each). We hope to top up to a value of RM100 a bag consisting of the usual kitchen groceries (barang dapur) plus Promac milk, soap from IFFCO, sanitizers, not forgetting free flow of Walls ice creams for 1,000 children – sorry for children only!

Indeed, we are getting very excited hosting this function for all races/religions, of course with more Hindus this time as it’s DEEPAVALI!

Our volunteers are busy going from unit to unit in this Tasek 64 flats to collect data of the families – very strict screening/vetting to ensure only the Needy are receiving the goodies on that day. So far, about 35% are qualified out of the 200 families surveyed, with about 15 families interviewed being rejected.

We can’t wait for this big day but meanwhile, a lot of hard work must be done to make this event a roaring success – the best feeling of HAPPINESS is when you are happy because you have made somebody else happy!