Discovering a new life by being a volunteer of Charity NGO in Johor

Yayasan Suria JB(YSJB) – Discovering a new life by being a volunteer of Charity NGO in Johor!

As our Foundation, YSJB, is 100% manned by volunteers, including me, new volunteers are amazed that “there’s a completely new life” out there.

So used to the lives they have been accustomed to all their lives – living for themselves and their families. Yes, you go to university, you climb the corporate ladder, get a high paying job, you make money, you buy a big house/big car, you go on vacations and eat in fine dining restaurants – well that’s very good!

But our volunteers soon discover that THAT’S NOT LIFE – you go out there, being a volunteer, you go into somebody else’s life, you help them, you lift them up, you journey with them and they are better off now after you met them – that’s LIFE, that’s happiness and that’s ECSTACY!

Indeed, once you discover this life “outside your own routine mundane”life, you want more and more and the passion of helping others becomes addictive – that’s the reason why we have repeated volunteers, even though we don’t pay them!

Our volunteers shared with me how their lives have changed into something so wonderful now, a life living for others!

I am so glad and proud to be able to give others happiness – both to our clients (the Poor & Needy we help) and our own volunteers too!

Isn’t this heaven on earth?
You don’t have to wait to go to heaven to be happy – you have found heaven here on earth!

I am trying my best to pen in words the “happiness”, just impossible, you have to be in the midst of the action helping others to experience the “high” and that’s VOLUNTEERISM!

I leave you with these 2 heart-warming videos of what is meant by “being good & doing good”: