The challenges of distributing 50 food banks monthly by Charity NGO Johor Bahru YSJB 2023 Feb

The challenges of distributing 50 food banks monthly by Charity NGO Johor Bahru

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – The challenges of distributing 50 food banks monthly by Chairty NGO Johor Bahru!

Come rain or shine, these 50 food banks must reach our clients (the Poor & Needy) on time for hungry stomachs know no bounds, holidays or otherwise.

As we are dependent on volunteers, they come and go as and when available, the biggest challenge is when you got to do it all alone, especially during heavy downpour and when GPS signals are weak (signals come on and off) and you get coming in calls (either from your office or from someone seeking for assistance).

Sometimes, you have to stop by the roadside in heavy rain and wait for the GPS signals to come and when you reach the house, the clients are not in, again, calling them but to no avail.

You can’t blame them, either their hps are out of order, too poor to get it repaired or whatever the reasons.

Yes, it is frustrating to say the least but we are here to serve – and serving with L❤️ve & Humility!

From wet (bringing food in rain to their houses) to dry (when you get back to the Toyota Hilux in air-conditioning), the job must be done as we have got so many other errands to run too, never ending!

A few of my donors commented:
“For us, it’s easy, a few clicks and the money goes to you but the amount of work to put in to deliver to your clients is the hardest part.”

Yes, very true!

The shopping, the packing & the delivering is the hard part – a lot of work goes into it, especially when you are dependent on volunteers and if, there is none, you go solo.

Being so dependent on myself, running around daily, I have discovered I can do so many things by myself over the years, and this gives you confidence and self-reliance!

The Poor needs to be served and this is our calling.

For info, our food banks cost about RM180 each:

  1. Rice.
  2. Mee Hoon.
  3. Cooking oil.
  4. Flour.
  5. Milo.
  6. Promex milk powder.
  7. Vit C.
  8. Sardines.
  9. Biscuits.
  10. Baked beans.
  11. Sugar.
  12. Black sauce (Jalen)
  13. Bathing soap.
  14. Instant noodles.
  15. Panadol (paracetamol)
  16. Canned mushrooms.
  17. Wet tissues.
  18. Tea bags.
  19. Face masks.
  20. Dressed chickens.
  21. Eggs.
  22. Frozen Roti canai.
  23. Frozen hargrow.
  24. Potatoes.
  25. Garlic.
  26. Big onions.
  27. Salt.
  28. Tomato sauce.
  29. Chilly sauce.
  30. Any other things available like shampoo, seafood, etc donated to us.

Other than giving out 50 food banks monthly, YSJB also gives out monthly financial aid assistance to 43 families as at 1/2/2023 totalling RM9, 230.00 – the most pressing need now is how to get in the funds needed to support all these families?

As stated before, our income has dropped by some 50% and we need YOU to be our synergy partner in helping the Poor & Needy (our clients).

Together, let us make this a better place for everyone to live!