Donate Wheelchair to the Needy YSJB 2022 March

Donate Wheelchair to the Needy

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – We are nimble at YSJB!

This is what makes us tick at YSJB, always putting our clients first and serving them with L❤️ ve & Humility.

Case No: 1
Thu, 24/3/2022 @ 10.05 am.
“Morning James .. how to forget you🤗??
Anyway, a lady needs a wheelchair.
Mxxxx is small size, has diabetes and partially blind. Used to hv a security firm, husband bankrupt now is a security guard. She is not working and cannot walk far with her husband to support her. Needs a wheelchair to go for hosp visits and move around. Maybe a special wheelchair 🙏
5.02 pm. Contacted Mr K K Wong of iKasih requesting a wheelchair.
5.05 pm.
Greenlight given to take.
Fri, 25/3/2022 @ 10.50 am.
Wheelchair taken from iKasih.
2.58 pm.
Got a message where to deliver the wheelchair.
“Blok E-G-XXX Rumah PPR Setia Indah Jalan Setia 4 Tmn Setia Indah, JB.”
5.02 pm.
It was raining heavily while on the way delivering the wheelchair.
Messages received:
5.15 pm.
“Thank you so much, James. You are an angel in need. Can conjure up a wheelchair at a snap and ever ready to answer any call for help, fast too ! 🌹🌹🌹👏👏
5.20 pm.
2 rounds Yummy nasi lemak!
5.39 pm.
That’s what YSJB stands for!
Speed, urgency, always serving with L❤️ve & Humility.
7.07 pm.
“Excellent mission statement!
7.09 pm.
“Brunch .. next week 😍

Case No: 2
Messages received:
Fri, 25/3/2023 @ 4.03 pm.
“The sickly lady who may appreciate some bread. If anyone can send to her?
No. xx, Jalan Teratai 63, Taman Johor Jaya.
Mxxxxxx Pxxxx”
4.27 pm.
Messages received:
“Dear Mr. James Ho, Thank you for extending your kindness towards my sister who is staying alone. May God Bless you & keep you safe & grant you good health.
Sincerely, Jxxxx Pxxxx”
“I’m so glad she got some bread for herself..said she has been eating old food as no energy to cook or go out to get groceries.”

We not only gave her lots of bread but we also gave her Milo, biscuits, Maggi mee and a box of masks(50 pieces). More than what she asked for!

Normally, we got a daily “to do” list and these 2 cases mentioned were not in our list.
What a day it has been! …… other than juggling our usual running around helping the Poor & Needy, we gave priority and urgency where required, sensing certain cases needed our immediate/urgent attention.

We do our tasks with speed and urgency – the hallmark of YSJB – serving with L❤️ve & Humility!