None of My Business!

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – NOMB!

Yes, you got it right – NOMB, an acronym for NONE OF MY BUSINESS.

In today’s materialistic world where most people only think about their own interests without a care for others. “It’s not me, so why should I bother” attitude seems to be prevalent as volunteers go about our daily rounds tending to the Poor & Needy.

Even helping the Poor & Needy seems to be a ‘sin’, we get reprimanded, scolded and criticized for helping saying we have nothing better to do. Such is the cruel and cold world out there where volunteers like us have to bear.

Nevermind, we have chosen the road less traveled but little that we know it is so harsh serving humanity.

We are all connected – we breathe the same air, our blood is all red in colour and any misfortune or suffering of any of our brothers and sisters are of our concern too.
But those ‘haves’ considered the ‘have-nots’ inferior as if they deserved their fates. Because the misfortunes do not happen to them – NOMB!

They pretend that the Poor & Needy, the Marginalized, the Sick, the HIVs, the Homeless and the Beggers are not there because they CHOOSE NOT TO SEE THEM, for you see what you WANT TO SEE and NOT SEE WHAT YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE.

Sometimes, a small gesture, seemingly like volunteers taking bread/buns from outlets donating to us, is seen as a ‘nothing, what so great’ but to the recipients, the bread/buns are ‘gold’, they are so grateful that they offered up the food we gave to their God (in this case, Indonesians who are Muslims, to their Allah).

We get bread/buns through THE LOST FOOD PROJECT, taking them from VBerg (Taman Mount Austin & Taman Molek), Village Grocer (Paradigm Mall & SouthKey) Lavender (Plentong) and Fruit Nature(Taman Johor Jaya). Also we are taking from an independent baker in Permas Jaya (Q1).

We are happy that the bread/buns mean so much to the Poor & Needy, in this particular case, the Indonesians took the initiative to send us this video which is so touching.
This made our day – happiness beyond words, acts of kindness and gratefulness cutting across race/religion/cultures/nationalities.

To those volunteers of YSJB, you are great, God-sent, even though we pay you nothing, your ever- willingness to continue serving the Poor & Needy is examplary, unselfish, pure from the heart and most of all, you served with L❤️ve & Humility!

Admittedly and honestly, being the Founder of the Foundation, there were times I wanted to throw in the towel as we have taken the road less traveled ‘minding other peoples’ businesses for a good cause’, you, the volunteers came in and gave me hope/encouragement to carry on this mission we have set out to do.

Thanks you, YSJB angels!

We cannot save everyone in this world but that SOMEONE we helped will go on helping others, their families, our country, Malaysia – the ripple effect!

I leave you with this story of a little boy picking up starfishes along the beach on a hot day…………..