Education is the key to bringing the Poor out of poverty YSJB 2022 Dec

Education is the key to bringing the Poor out of poverty!

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – Education is the key to bringing the Poor out of poverty!

Since our inception some 10 years ago(14th Sept, 2012), YSJB has always believed in educating the Poor so that we can lift them out of poverty. We have a BTS(Back To School) program where we purchase uniforms, shoes, socks, stationery, etc, Spectacles programs, Rewards for academic achievements and sponsorship of local tertiary education for children from poor families.

Over the years, some 25 local university students have graduated, 2 have even gone for their Masters degree. Once we hook on with the students, we see them through the full duration of the course from certificate, diploma, basic degree and Masters.

It’s gratifying to know they are doing well in life now, all because someone sponsored them for their studies. Some have come back to help us financially so that other students can benefit like what we did to them before, others just couldn’t be bothered after graduating, nevermind, but whatever it is, our bursaries were given without any conditions – it is a free gift to enable them to graduate and have a better life so that they can lift their other siblings out of poverty – we rise by lifting others up!

However, we are happy when the students we support come back to thank us and be grateful for who they are today.

Here are some comments from other NGOs/NGIs expressing their thanks and appreciation, we don’t expect or demand any but if it comes, it definitely makes our day!

This particular UPM graduate was from the IMSHA Winners Network, a group of NGOs/NGIs under the umbrella of Iskandar Malaysia Social Hero Awards(IMSHA), whom YSJB sponsored for her 4-year degree course at UPM which incidentally was where I graduated in 1974 – a full circle of some 50 years, nice feeling to sponsor someone from where I came from, proud that I can help someone to graduate from the same university which gromed me to be whom I am today – successful and contributing back to society by setting up a Foundation (YSJB) to help the Poor & Needy.

“Uncle James, THANK YOU 😊 πŸ™ for your help for this girl πŸ‘‡

4 years ago, I asked My President(JEWEL – Johor Women’s League), Mdm Thanam, that where can I get assistance for a student to pay for her Uni registration fee.

Mdm President Thanam said, try and talk to James Ho of Yayasan Suria.

After spoken with James Ho, we decided to meet with the student’s family.

Yayasan Suria agreed to pay for her registration fee and her entire tuition fee for 4 years.
Today she graduated πŸŽ“.

Thanks Thanam for opening the door for this student. After this, she will be breaking the vicious cycles for the family.

Also thank you to James Ho aka The Santa Clause 🀢.

God bless πŸ™Œ πŸ™

“Uncle James Ho, so our UPM girl is all grown up and ready to face the world, thanks to you❀️🌹

“I need to share the background to this case.

Liza had brought forth the matter of a girl from a poor family in Kempas. Maishahira’s father had abandoned the family, leaving her mum to raise the family single handedly. But the girl excelled at school and had secured a place in UPM. She needed the RM2000 for registration fees.

Coincidentally, just days prior, James told me he has an alummi fund for UPM students, both James and my hubby, Suresh are proud UPM boys.

Then he said, if you have any kid going to UPM and needs help, let me know.

And that is how i knew to direct Liza to James.

See how the Universe works❀️🌹🌹

Maishahira is the first child in her family to graduate from university.

James kept in touch with her, made sure she had enough for meals, checked her results every semester, and made her write to him in English whenever she needed anything.

She is a product of IMSHA’s synergy.. and James is the proud substitute dad.”

“Officially an animal science graduate πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸŽ“ Thank you Uncle James for your support and encouragement throughout my degree life πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

As an alma mater of UPM, I am proud to be contributing back to the place where I came from!
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world!