Finally, we have found a place called HOME!

Finally, we have found a place called HOME!

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – Finally, we have found a place called HOME!

Yes, it has been a long way since our inception on 14th September, 2012 when we were recognised by ROS (Registrar of Societies of Malaysia).

Since then, we have been hopping from house to house and office to office, trying to operate the Foundation.

At one time, the Foundation was keeping our records/things, partly in my house, volunteer’s house, people’s office and, literally, all over and everywhere.

Trying to save costs and without much funds to go by to help the Poor & Needy, it has been a very difficult time, trying to feel our way around how to run a Foundation.

From an initial sum of RM20k from my own pocket, we worked hard, building up public confidence by showing people what we do, gaining public trust was important as nobody knew us then.

Having to look at people’s faces while we squatted at their office FOC was most humiliating when we were chased out, literally, asked to leave immediately – there was nothing we could do, we didn’t pay rent and we were at their mercy, so to speak.

This was the turning point – we rented out “first” office at 107, Jalan Bakawali 50, Taman Johor Jaya JB in 2021, paid RM1,600.00 monthly. As the Founder, I promised myself that “one fine day”, we will have our own building as we couldn’t do a lot of things being on a rented premise, and we can’t keep on shifting from place to place on a rented basis as our office/store were full to the brim with preloved items, foodbanks, frozen food, etc.

Sometime in May, 2023 after much praying & contemplation , I found the strength and courage to embark on a journey to purchase our own building.

Sad but true, responses from my own volunteers were lukewarm.

– “You are 71 years old now and you want to raise RM800k to buy a building?”
– “The cost of living is high now, people will not support us”
– “What, if you can’t sell 100 tables, then how?”

Many ” _ifs_ ” & many ” _hows_ ” so much so that my confidence was shaken, but I have always believe that, even if I tried and failed, to me, THIS IS SUCCESS!

Armed with this conviction, outsiders, many old and trusted friends were roped in, some 10 people were in the Protem Fundraising Dinner Committee – target 100 tables, ranging from RM20k, RM10k, RM5k, RM3k & RM2k were floated out to the market.

With a good, trustworthy, hardworking and passionate Organising Committee, literally “working round the clock”, we sold out 100 tables by end Sept 2023 when the dinner was fixed on 19th Nov, 2023!

We raised some RM850k!

Generosity was all round – from the owner of the shop who gave us a discount of RM130k(market price RM930k, we were offered RM800k only, a person bought a table for RM100k, some bought tables for RM 50k, some RM20k and many others donated money and didn’t want to attend the dinner, the lawyer doing our S&P Agreement waived off her fees, etc etc – endless acts of charity, too many for me to list them, perhaps the public knows what were are doing, the sold trust built up over the past 12 years!

Too many acts of GENEROSITY to describe in detail – people gave “just because of charity”. Period!

This soft opening, a very casual and informal one, with a simple lunch, on 2/3/2024 was to thank our generous supporters/sponsors/donors for their efforts and to show them around the office/store and briefed them how we run the Foundation.

We did not want to spend lavishly as the money saved can go on to help more people – there is a never-ending task of helping people and, as I always say, even if you don’t sleep, the helping is never enough!

35 people attended the function, starting with firecrackers 🧨and cutting of the ribbon to commensurate the opening of our OWN NEW OFFICE!

Last but not least, it was surely by the GRACE & MERCY OF GOD that we managed to have this HOUSE OF LOVE & HUMILITY where we shall continue to serve the Poor & Needy.

Here is another perspective from one of our volunteers, reporting from another angle:

Enjoy the 2-part video, painstakingly done by one of our volunteers for your viewing pleasure:
Part 1:
Part 2:

“I shall pass this way but once; any good that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being; let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”