homeless support sherun home YSJB 2022 Jan

From Homeless to Sherun Home

Yayasan Suria JB(YSJB) – From Homeless to Sherun Home (Mei Ai)!

Visited Mei Ai(the homeless woman in blue featured on CNA on 17 June 2021) at Sherun Old Folks Home, Selesa Jaya, JB.

60 residents, all on wheelchairs yesterday, 6/1/2023, with cooked food, oranges, puddings, blankets, new T-shirts and biscuits, bread & buns.

This is part of YSJB’s “3-in-1” party for Homes, feeding 1,500 people from 15 homes.

Little did I know that I would meet her there as our volunteers were not allowed to go in, to just leave the food/goodies outside on the table. Then, the PIC told me a woman wanted to see me and there Mei Ai appeared. She said she heard my voice, I was elated to see here again.

She was so happy, found a nice place to stay and we chatted about her days staying at the homeless tent at Foh Chong Building, Jalan Ibrahim, JB.

Mei Ai helps around with the chores at the Home, mixes well with others staying there and she is grateful she finally found a HOME where love abounds here. So happy for her.

While there, the PIC told us that the awnings at the Home is badly leaking, certain areas of the main building roof needs repairing, estimated to cost about RM10,000.00 – we told them we shall sort it out for them soon as it is now the raining season and the old folks get wet due to the leakings.

Any assistance from anyone shall be most appreciated.

What a divine intervention!