Happy Sweet 9 Birthday YSJB 2021 Sept

Happy Sweet 9 Birthday

Yayasan Suria JB(YSJB) – A 🌟 was born today!

Yes, some 9 years ago on this special day, 14th Sept 2012, YSJB was registered with ROS (Registrar of Societies) and the journey of serving the Poor & Needy with L❤️ve and Humility began.

Being the Founder, I can still clearly remembered when I pumped in RM20k to kick start the Foundation and got the ball rolling and the rest was history.

My first forray into the world of helping people was a cancer patient who badly needed RM18k when our bank account had only RM20k for his cancer treatment. I told him ‘on’ & funded his chemotherapy and also pledged another RM5k should he needed more.
Long story cut short, that person is still alive today.

Strange but always true – when we are faced with a situation like this when we don’t have much money in our bank account and the situation demands that we give out a hugh chunk like this for an emergency operation or buying a certain machine for our clients(ventilator, dialysis machine, etc costing some RM50k), we just go ahead and help. We always try to keep our ‘cup’ (bank account) as empty as possible or with as little money in our bank account as possible. Our job is to help people and we try not to accumulate a lot in our bank account.


This same principle has worked all the time, we walk by faith, God always provides. It is in giving that we receive!

There were times when we don’t empty our cups and nothing flows in!

Scary, isn’t it by any human standards?

Yes, it is but we dare to plunge in.

This has been our guiding principle which we will continue to hold on. Amin!

Being a cancer survivor myself, I have a soft spot for cancer patients. To have survived for some 20 years with cancer when you were literally given only 3% chance to live, one looks at life at a different perspective all together – is money all that important compared to life?

Read on …..

YSJB has grown from a baby in 2012, now 9 years old, we are still growing, falling as we go along and getting up each time we fall, we have given out, from Sept 2012 – June 2021, some RM3m, our accounts are prepared and audited by a chartered accounting firm and submitted to ROS and LHDN (Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia). Oh, yes, we were granted tax exemption status on 1/1/2020 by LHDN.

We faced many challenges along the way, we are learning all the time, it has been a long 9 years but the biggest challenge now is ‘how to continue helping the countless number of people needing urgent help all hard-hit by Covid-19 pandemic’. Due to the economic slowdown, our funds flowing in have dwindled but the number of people needing help is increasing by the days.

We want to thank our donors for their continuous and unwavering support all these years, without which there is no way we can carry on our tasks in helping the Poor & Needy.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
🙏 🙏 🙏.

Our immediate concern and mind blogging question is whether this Foundation is sustainable. The answer is ‘NO’ – many of the donors/supporters have told me this: ‘when James Ho dies, we will stop funding as we trust him only’.

Yes, over the years, even before setting up the Foundation, I have been doing charity and have built up the trust, respect, credibility and goodwill among many friends for them to part their money to me to do charitable works.

Yes, death can strike anytime, I don’t worry about things that I can’t control, including death, I carry on my work of helping the Poor & Needy daily in spite of the high Covid-19 cases and hope for the best.

I hope that any company interested in YSJB can discuss with our committee of eventually taking over YSJB as we are tax exempted and properly audited by professionals.

My wish is that YSJB will still grow from strength to strength long after I have gone, helping more and more people in need and run by a group of professionals from a reputable company.

As we celebrate YSJB’s birthday on 14th Sept 2021 & Malaysia Day on 16th Sept 2021, let us continue to be coloured blind in serving humanity.

“Happy birthday YSJB and Happy birthday 🇲🇾!