Caring for the caregivers at Homeless in Johor Bahru YSJB 1

Caring for the caregivers at Homeless in Johor Bahru

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – Caring for the caregivers at Homeless in JB!

Yes, YSJB has been supplying cooked food daily to the Homeless for the past many months.

The dedication of the volunteers at the Operations Centre has my highest respect and salutation. It’s not easy manning the centre, long hours and dealing with the many different types of people, out of jobs and living on the streets.

We need to show our love, care and appreciation for the caregivers caring for the Homeless. We have been supplying the Operations Centre industrial fans, lazy chairs and, lately, camping/army beds as the volunteers are staying overnight at the operations centre at Jalan Trus.

Someone has got to look after the Centre at night, 5 of them were given the beds today (15/9/2021) so that they can have a good night sleep.

The Homeless are still scattered all over in 3 areas – the present one at Jalan Trus where I give cooked good daily, the old area at Jalan Ibrahim and the initial one at Railway station.

Many donors still give cooked food to these these 3 areas.

My heart ‘bleeds’ each time it rains, knowing that the Homeless will be shivering in the cold, wet and trying to shield themselves in any way from the rain. We try to do as much as we can for them. They are our brothers & sisters. While we sleep in the comfort of our homes, please have a thought and say a prayer for them for God to comfort them, especially during the rain.