Hari Raya at Lotus s Desa Tebrau

Hari Raya at Lotus’s Desa Tebrau

Yayasan Suria JB ( YSJB) – Hari Raya at Lotus’s Desa Tebrau, JB!

It was a day to remember for 13 orphans when they were brought to Lotus’s at Desa Tebrau, JB to chose their own Hari Raya ‘goodies’ on 25/4/2022.

Some were brought in by volunteers while some went there by Grab. At 3.00 pm sharp, the orphans tropped in, accompanied by their aunties and uncles. On hand to receive them was Kumar Raja of Lotus’s Desa Tebrau and the staffs and a special counter (No: 11) was allocated for this special event.

Lotus’s Desa Tebrau sponsored RM100 vouchers for each orphan, a goodie bag (barang dapur/kitchen groceries) and RM10 each of duit raya.

2 NGO were at hand to help out – Ihsan Johor, our tested and faithful synergy partner and YSJB. Each of our VIPs (the orphans) was escorted by one volunteer and one Lotus’s staff to chose only Hari Raya related ‘goodies’ like shoes, sleepers, clothings, etc.

Among them was Adam, a 9-year-old boy with Mitral Valve Atresia, a rare congenital heart defect – we were told by the aunty accompanying Adam that there are only 10 such cases in Malaysia. Adam is so loveable, adorable and cute – the darling among all of us. Due to the lack of oxygen, the lower half of his fingers on both hands are always blue black.

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Indeed, the final bill exceeded the amount given by Lotus’s and both NGOs quickly jumped in to foot the difference. Also RM50 were given to each orphan, courtesy of the 2 NGOs.

We would like to put on record the sponsorship of Lotus’s Desa Tebrau, JB – Kumar Raja was with the orphans throughout the event which lasted 2 hours. Despite his busy schedule that day which was packed with shoppers, he decided to be with the orphans and this speaks volumes of a caring Manager in him.

The smiles of the orphans, getting new clothing for Hari Raya made our day – happy volunteers and happy Lotus’s staffs! What a day it has been, knowing that to the orphans it was for them, their day, they were the VIPs and they thanked us individually before they left after taking the group photo – and this small but kind gesture of appreciation made our day too!