labour day love day YSJB 2022 May

Labour of Love Day!

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – Labour of L❤️ve day!

Yes, 1st of May is traditionally called Labour Day. But to volunteers like us, it’s just another day of service to humanity serving our clients (the Poor & Needy) with L❤️ve & Humility.

As I have stated before, hungry stomachs know no holidays as hunger has no holidays – the Poor & Needy are always in need of food on any day – public holiday/labour day/festive day.

The day started off at 8.00 am when we met to our office in Johor Jaya to collect ‘goodies’ (robes for monks, food (salmon fish from Fish Club), bread & buns from vBurg, towels, soap & disinfectants from Fiffy and Promac milk powder for the Santi Forest Monastery in Ulu Tiram, JB.

We later joined the monks and disciples for lunch.

As YSJB is coloured-blind, we served across race/religion/cultures – humanity is one!

We swung by to respond to an impromptu call to collect electric/manual wheelchairs, preloved items from Taman Ponderosa, JB.

Quick run to Taman Ungku Tun Aminah to collect vBurg bread/buns and Village Grocer (Paradigm Mall) to collect bread/buns too.

On the way back from JB to office, stopover to pass the ‘bread/buns’ to our ‘homeless’ Uncle staying just off the highway opposite Jusco Desa Tebrau.

This “2-hoots” Uncle told me he was so happy that I care to give him a “2-hoots” each time I passed by the area – didn’t know that my small gesture of just horning 2 times meant so much to him – we showed him that in this ‘dog-eat-dog world’, there are people who still cares!

Another quick run to buy 25 trays of eggs in Johor Jaya for tomorrow’s food bank run for May. Unloaded at office and then off to see a Rohingya lady, deserted by husband, left with a 2-year-old girl, the same lady we paid for her delivery in HSAJB costing us RM4,800.00 – brought her some ‘baby goodies’ donated by FIFFY and baby pillows.

Her right ear was badly infected, liquid was oozing out, smelly, she has no money to pay for treatment.

Brought her to see the doctor in Desa Cemerlang, doctor cleaned her infected ear and we gave her lots of medication.

When the bill was ready, I asked for a discount by showing my name card as we are volunteers, doctor obliged with a reduction of RM15.00 – paid the bill amounting to RM280.00.

It was way passed 6.00 pm, it started to rain and another volunteer and I headed home – we were so happy to serve with passion, not at all ‘labouring’ but enjoying every moment of the day knowing that so many lives were touched just because someone cares!