flood help at kg mohd amin johor bahru ysjb 2021 sep

Help At Kg Mohd Amin Kolam Air Johor Bahru Flash Flood on 30/09/2021

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – Flash flood 30/9/2021.

It was in the early morning of 30/9/2021 when we were alerted – Kg Mohd Amin, Kolam Air, JB – water rose to chest height.

An emergency called for superfast action. Breakfast was provided for the some 15 families there, about 80 people. Mineral water, bread/buns, preloved clothings, etc.

It was a mad rush to Horizon Hills all the way from Masai to collect a truck load of preloved clothings from 6 expatriate families, thank you for the timely gesture which was put into good use for the flood victims.

We shall be providing for the 80 flood victims there with breakfast/lunch/dinner. Quick calls and together with 3 NGOs(Ihsan Johor/Rotary Club of Johor Bahru & YSJB), we swung into action, working hand-in-hand, coordinating, sourcing and ensuring everything is in order. We shall be tending to the needs of this Kg until Sun, 3/10/2021, barring no further floodings due to heavy rains coupled with high tide. We pray for good weather to spare these people from another disaster.

Anyone wishing to chip in to provide whatever is necessary to make life more bearable for these 80 people are most welcome. We are looking at providing some cash donations for them to buy back basic cooking utensils, rice cookers, washing machines, etc which have all been rendered ‘unusable’ after the floods.

For the next few days, it is going to be busy, busy helping our brothers & sisters.

Take a look and see how devastating the whole place was after the floods. This kampong is right in the middle of JB city!