Johor Bahru Volunteers are happy people YSJB 2023 May

Johor Bahru Volunteers are happy people!

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – Johor Bahru Volunteers are happy people!

Yes, volunteers are happy because we are selfless – we care for others and the happiness we see in others makes us even happier!

We derived so much happiness by seeing someone so successful now just because we were there for them when they needed help, our slight ‘lift’, our little ‘nudge’ and our small ‘encouragement’ were all that were needed. They are now out of the pit and standing on their own feet.

From being so poor that they could not even afford school bus fees to now having graduated from local universities, from being lost in town with nowhere to stay to now being gainfully employed, from being jobless to now holding a good position in a big company and many more stories, countless success stories over the years.

Volunteers do all sorts of jobs to place people in strong footings, giving our time, our care and our love, all because volunteers care!

Volunteers are always happy, knowing that we played a part in someone else’s life.
Happiness is simple but somehow complex, it is inside us, not in material things or somewhere outside there. Happiness can only be felt, you can’t really describe happiness in words no matter how you do it!

“It is in giving HAPPINESS that we receive HAPPINESS!” You must first give in order to receive.

Perhaps, this short video will try to explain what HAPPINESS really is:

I wish you happiness in the highest order!