Johor Charity NGO Punctuality, accountability, integrity, transparency and responsibility YSJB 2023 May

Johor Charity NGO’s punctuality, accountability, integrity, transparency and responsibility!

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – Johor Charity NGO’s punctuality, accountability, integrity, transparency and responsibility!

Running an NGO is a heavy responsibility because you are there to serve, not only our clients (the Poor & Needy) but also our donors (both contributing in cash & kind).

For good governance, all the above criterias are fully required to be religiously followed and standing above all is INTEGRITY.

Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. We received a lot of cash, they say “no need to give receipt”, we bank in the cash into YSJB’s account, show them the bank-in slip, give them a receipt anyway. We apologized for being “stubborn” but explained to them that this is our way of being accountable.

Ultimately, when service is not delivered to the best of our ability, we are solely responsible for our own doing and no body else.

At YSJB, we have our own KPIs to adhere to, nobody impose them on us, we impose them on ourselves to “give the best.”

Punctuality is also another of our hallmark, whether it is to our clients or donors. We ensure we are there, at least 30 mins before, whether it’s delivering food, collecting food or meeting our clients/donors.

Punctuality is also a sign of respect to the person waiting for us – it shows we care and value their presence for being there on time – we are always early and this applies to all our volunteers too. Even when we make appointments with our own volunteers, this punctuality rule applies too.

Accountability – as our cash and goods are all donated by the public, we stretch the ringgit by sourcing for the best buy, ensuring that only the deserving and needy received the food banks and recording what comes in and what goes out from our store. All details are recorded, including visitors (both clients and anybody who comes to our office).

Our accounts are done by a chartered accounting firm, SE Lai CK at Taman Majidee, JB and our accounts submitted yearly, without fail, to ROS (we were registered on 14/9/2012) and to Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (we were granted income tax exemption status on 1/1/2020).

Responsibility – as we are collecting a lot of things from the public (ranging from foodstuffs, to preloved items, to collections of cash/cheques, etc), we ensure we are always there on time and collect them at the appointed date. All money received, no matter how small (our lowest was RM1 as we are on DuitNow), will be given a tax exemption receipt. No amount is too small for us as little drops of water makes an ocean. And no amount is too big for us as there are countless number of people out there needing our help!

Even when we ‘outsource’ our jobs to other NGOs/NGIs, we are eventually responsible as the person or company we are liaising with deals only with YSJB, and not with whoever we outsource to. At times, we made a mistake, we apologize, not blaming anyone as we are ultimately responsible as a reputable Foundation.

Over the past 11 years, we have gained the trust and respect of our donors and the public, in general – we have indeed grown, from an initial “out-of-my-pocket” startup of RM20,000.00(some 11 years ago) to a turnover of RM1,266,235.00 in 2021 and RM848,318.00 in 2022. These figures were from the bank statements and verified by the chartered accounting firm.

We have nothing to hide, we are transparent as the money is from the public – from all of you! And you have the right to know what is going on and it is our responsibility to inform all of you of what we do with your money.

Some years ago, a friend of mine casually mentioned that “YSJB is cheating”, I told him I am solely responsible for the Foundation, offered him to go to the Police or MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, together with me, to lodge a report with both agencies and called the press too. Sadly, until today, some 3 years have passed and he has yet to take up the challenge – I am still waiting! I even told him to put in writing and I shall bring the piece of paper and make my own report, an offer he has declined until today.

As our Foundation is run entirely by volunteers (we don’t pay them) and when no hands are available to do the job, somehow and somewhat it will be done no matter by whom! A job is a job and we will get it done.

Sometimes, working overtime into the wee hours of the night is common when insufficient volunteers are at hand – it is a joy to serve, especially when it is done with l❤️ve & humility!

Unlike companies which pay their staff (you have to perform because you are paid), we can’t force or compel volunteers to serve (they come and go as and when they like) as they are not salaried, it is indeed such a challenge to run a Foundation to perform efficiently – we have been doing this for the past 11 years, volunteers come and go but somehow, the show must go on – the Poor & Needy in our midst need us, they must be fed!

We welcome anyone to be a volunteer – no special skills required, just a willing heart to serve, that’s all!

At YSJB, we don’t call them “difficulties”, we call them “challenges” and it is indeed “a joy and satisfaction” when we see those we helped doing so well now, just because someone cared and we were there to lift them out of the pit when there was no one willing to do so – many were there but no one was willing to lend them a hand!

All these would not be possible, if not for the continuous and unwavering support of all of you over the years. Our eternal gratefulness to all of you for being our synergy partner in helping the Poor & Needy, our valued clients.

Together, we shall make this a better world for everyone to live in!