Little drops of water make a mighty ocean YSJB 2022 Dec

Little drops of water make a mighty ocean!

Yayasan Suria JB
(YSJB) – Little drops of water make a mighty ocean!

As our Foundation, YSJB, is fully dependent on public funds to run and, with the present economic crunch, due to the many factors beyond our control, our income has dwindled by some 50% but the number of clients seeking help is increasing as they too are impacted by the economic uncertainty – it’s a vicious cycle.

But what do we do? We just can’t sit back and sulk over the situation.

New ways have to be found to generate income so that we can continue giving aid to the Poor & Needy.

It all boils down to networking and the trust and relationship we have built up over the years with many people. As we are coloured blind, our contacts/networks cut across all races/religions and we work with anybody for the sake of enriching humanity.

This particular link where we get to sell our toys was when we were given some 500 brand new soft toys by a donor. We gave some away to children of poor families and children’s homes. We asked permission from the donor whether we can sell them to generate funds for YSJB. ‘YES’ was the answer.

But where and how do we sell them? A few calls here and there and hurray! One NGI told us she has a shop at Mid Valley JB and she took some for sale there plus some going to another of her outlets at Senai airport.

Another friend of mine, a Tzu Chi member, who runs an event management company told us we could set up a table at a Christmas dinner at a private club at Avira Medini Club House (Opposite Sunway Citrine), Iskandar Puteri, after obtaining permission from the club management.

On Sun, 11/12/2022, 5 volunteers from YSJB set up base there from 6.30 pm – 10.30 pm, selling the soft toys ranging from RM5 to RM50. We placed a donation box on the table and managed to get some donations after the MC made an announcement to the people there to support us for charity purposes. We were also able to introduce ourselves to the guests there by giving out our name cards other than selling our soft toys.

It was a good experience trying to generate funds for the Foundation and for all the hard work for 4 hours, RM1, 100.00 were collected through donations and sale of soft toys, with all payments done through DuitNow QR code.

Alternatively, donations can be channeled through conventional banking (Hong Leong Bank 047-000-297-65) or via credit card (PayPal).

Visit our website: www. and you can find the donation details there.

A receipt of RM1,100.00 under the name of Nuri Merdu Sdn Bhd will be issued for the sale of soft toys.

We would like to put on record our sincere and deepest appreciation to Nuri Merdu Sdn Bhd for giving us the opportunity to be part of their event during the night.

We shall go all out to do anything to generate funds to run the Foundation. We have donation boxes placed at cafes, shops, offices, etc to collect money and if you have any outlets that will allow us to place our boxes there, do let me know, anywhere in Malaysia or elsewhere. We can courier the donation boxes to you.

We work hard to rake in money so that the Poor & Needy will be taken care of. We need your support, no amount is too small for us, and together, we can make this world a better place for all of us to live.

With our DuitNow QR code, we do get many donors now, some as little as 50 cents, we are grateful and thankful too, as stated before “no amount is too small for us”!

It’s the little amount that enables us to be who we are today, serving thousands of clients over the years, all because people like you who gave us a helping hand, by lifting us up so that we can rise together with our clients, the Poor & Needy – serving them with L❤️ve & Humility!