Featuring IMSHA heroes at work during MCO 2023 Jan

Featuring IMSHA heroes at work during MCO!

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – Featuring IMSHA heroes at work during MCO!

This 55-minute documentary, “Jaring & Jaringan (Nets & Networks)”, was aired on RTM1 on 12/1/2023.

I didn’t have the opportunity to view the documentary then (busy running around tending to the Poor & Needy) but I have it recorded on Astro in my handphone. Our clients come first!

Screen grabs of the documentary started coming into my WhatsApp Business broadcast from people who have the opportunity to view the documentary.
IMSHA – Iskandar Malaysia Social Hero Awards.
MCO – Malaysian Movement Control Order or commonly called PKP (Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan Malaysia).
RTM – Radio Televisyen Malaysia.

If you are reading this right now, we should all be thankful to God as we came out alive, unscathed by the COVID-19 pandemic – some 37,000 deaths were reported in Malaysia!

To our sisters & brothers who have gone to their rest, RIP!

The pandemic had brought out the best and the worst in humanity, many rallied to help while others couldn’t care less, only caring for themselves! But for “IMSHARIANS”, it was our call for national service, our passion to serve humanity with L❤️ve & Humility throughout the MCO – a typical day starting at 8.30 am daily and ending at 8.00 pm, sometimes way into the wee hours of the night as many were without food, some evicted from homes due to inability to pay rental, some families were broken as the breadwinner couldn’t work ending in spouses running away, quarrels, marriages breaking up, etc.

Actually, no one knows how to handle this pandemic, WHO gave guidelines, governments all over the world have their own sets of lockdowns, according to the situations on the ground and everybody was adjusting to this new norm of life.

To the many donors who rallied alongside us, with donations in cash or kind, our heartfelt appreciations, gratitudes and thanks, for without all of you supporting us at that time, we couldn’t have helped to feed the thousands of needy people.

We were running around restaurants picking up packed food and dry food banks from donors and we were at the supermarkets daily purchasing food for distribution.

All said and done, the spirit of volunteerism was truly alive and kicking, especially amongst IMSHARIANS!

Now let us look back with pride & satisfaction, knowing that we did our best during a crisis that called for sacrifice and going beyond our human spirit to serve!

A job well done – just do it!

Enjoy this RTM documentary. Oh yes, it was an interesting experience being ‘shot’ by the TV crew but still being ‘alive’ to view this documentary now! Being interviewed at Iskandar Malaysia Studios at Iskandar Puteri was another ‘funny’ experience, especially with make-up done to your face, a bit of ‘grooming’ here and there and with bright lights shinning on your face!