contributing towards my Alma mater YSJB 2022 March

Proud To Be Contributing Towards My Alma Mater!

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – to be contributing towards my Alma mater!

It was some 50 years ago, to be exact 48 years ago, that I graduated from UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia, then KPM (Kolej PertanianMalaysia) or better known as Serdang Agricultural College then) in 1974 with a Diploma in Agriculture.

My fondest memories were the ‘ragging of freshies’ which lasted for 3 weeks, things like ‘royal bath’, ‘Serdang wine’, ‘fan dance’, etc to name a few, were etched in the freshies’ mind forever. The ‘never say die’ attitude and ‘everything can’ attitude carried us well into a successful career, and as for me, into becoming a General Manager (Plantations) & General Manager in a golf resort in Pasir Gudang of a Main board public-listed company until my retirement in 2016.

Having benefited from the good upbringing, training and values imbued from UPM (I enrolled in 1971, the College became a university in 1973), it is only logical I owed the university a lot for the person I am today – I wanted to give back and have been actively involved in PAUPM (Persatuan Alumni UPM or UPM Alumni Association).

After the birth of the Foundation(YSJB) on 14th Sept 2012, we team up with PAUPM to form the “Meals for UPM students” 

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The Foundation is also involved in providing Promac milk powder, biscuits, cereals, mattresses, spectacles, etc for poor UPM students over the years. Also, YSJB gives out bursary aid (amounting to RM2,400 yearly for the duration of the course of studies) to local university students, including those studying at UPM.

I am also featured in the book “75 JEWELS OF UPM” in 2005 (the 75th anniversary since the founding of the School of Agriculture in 1930) and the coming Coffee Table book featuring 50 old boys in June 2022.

Lately, on 26/2/2022, I met up with the VC UPM, Prof Dr Mohd Roslan Sulaiman, in Tiara Seaview Residence Desaru, Johor and agreed to donate 7 preloved laptops and 3 units new laptops for UPM B40 students.

On 5/3/2022, 7 units of preloved laptops were handed over to VC UPM at UPM Golf Club in Serdang, Selangor and another 3 units of new laptops are being purchased.

So proud and happy to be a synergy partner of PAUPM!