Suki Wong Malaysia Now 2022 May

Rallying help for a good cause

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – Rallying help for a good cause!

Recently, I read with a heavy heart regarding a case in “MALAYSIA NOW” with the caption “No citizenship, no mother: The 10-year-old taking care of her father alone” and we commented that whoever reading this to contact YSJB and we want to do something for this poor family.

No citizenship, no mother: The 10-year-old taking care of her father alone

We got response from MALAYSIA NOW:
“Michelle Chen <>
14:35 (3 hours ago)
to me, Editor
Thank you for your concern.
Since Suki’s plight was highlighted, we have been inundated with offers of help from the public. Unfortunately, we are unable to share the family’s contact details due to privacy concerns.
If you would like to make a monetary contribution, you can transfer the funds directly to the family’s BSN bank account, with the following account details:
Account number: 1000541100015621 (Bank Simpanan Nasional).
Thanks again for reaching out. We have been and will continue updating Suki and her dad about these acts of generosity from our readers.

Since then, many of YSJB’s readers (my Business WhatsApp goes to some 3,000 people) have contacted me and suggested they wanted to donate through us as we are tax exempted.

Yes, YSJB will be sending money over to this poor family soon and those reading this and wish to help out can channel your contributions through us – we shall issue you a receipt accordingly.

We hope to send whatever collected to this family in need by 3/6/2022 – time is the essence!
You might want to call YSJB a busybody – yes, we are but for a good, humble and worthwhile cause!

Thank you and God bless all of us.