Our small contributions to the fishing folks at Gelang Patah YSJB 2022 May

Our small contributions to the fishing folks at Gelang Patah

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – Our small contributions to the fishing folks at Gelang Patah.

It was a nice Sat (28/5/2022) when we went shopping at Econsave Permas Jaya to supplement our food bank at our office cum store in Johor Jaya.

Back at our store, 4 cartons Promac milk powder(4 x 24 = 96 x 1 kg), 20 x 10 kg rice and 20 food banks (sugar, biscuits, sardines, kicap, wet tissues, soap, isotonic drinks, mee hoon, flour, instant noodles, etc) plus a basketball frame/net were loaded enroute a 55- min(60 km) drive from Johor Jaya to Kg Pendas Baru, Gelang Patah, Johor, arriving at 12.25 pm.

We have a nice view of the seaside fishing village at Pasar Pendekar Laut and unloaded the ‘goodies’ at the HQ of Kelab Alami before heading to one of the seafood restaurants for lunch.

Looking out to the sea, eagles were flying around looking for fishes, monitor lizards swimming around looking for fishes and mud skippers wallowing in the mud looking for food. Nice seafood, nice scenery and what a good way to unwind after 5 hectic days running around tending to the Poor & Needy.

Before having our lunch, went to a nearby fish stall and bought some crabs, cuttle fish (sotong) and fish.

The Pakcik packed up all the stuffs, loaded our cooler box with ice and placed the box at the back of our Toyota Hilux while we were having lunch as the stall was about to close – fresh and cheap!

A slow drive back to Permas Jaya to look for a homeless lady loitering around a coffee shop there. Could not locate her but we shall be there again tonight. You see, we get calls from the public when they see homeless people asking us to see what we can do for them – relocate them to Homes, find jobs for them or whatever help we can render.

We have relocated many homeless people to Homes, found jobs for them and reunited them with their own families – we explore alternatives for these poor homeless people. One preferred to continue to be homeless, we respect his wishes and we, occasionally, bring him bread, biscuits, cooked food, etc just to ease his hardship.

What a nice & relaxing working visit to Gelang Patah! We always put fun and relaxation in our work while helping the Poor & Needy.