Roaring with the Tiger on 1st day of CNY!

Roaring with the Tiger on 1st day of CNY!

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – Roaring with the Tiger on 1st day of CNY!

What a day it has been! I was planning to have a 2-day break during CNY, yes I did so on the eve, with a reunion dinner on 31st Jan, away from home at an Airbnb’s hideout at Green Haven Apartments, Megah Ria, Masai.

While resting at night, requests for help came, one from Permas Jaya requesting for payment of 2 months arrears of rental plus food aid provisions, another one from Plentong for food aid and the last one from Pasir Gudang for food aid too.
Then on the first day of CNY, 1/2, LOTUS’S(TESCO) of Desa Tebrau called to say they have 10 complimentary goodies bags, I jumped onto it, was there to pick up at 2.00 pm.

God must have known we needed food provisions and HE sent LOTUS’s(TESCO) to our aid!

First stop was at Permas Jaya to see this woman who has been desperately calling/messaging me repeatedly through the day on 31/1 & 1/2.

Hunger and desperation have no holidays and so are volunteers like us, serving our clients(The Poor & Needy) with L❤️ve & Humility. The most difficult thing serving our clients is to be humble, patient, caring and loving. They too have their whims and fr fancy – we are there to serve them!

Upon arriving, I was greeted by dogs, dogs I have seen before, the woman I have seen before too, I told her I knew her, she pretended she never met me, I told her I helped her some 3 years ago, that time she was staying at Sierra Perdana, Masai, it was a con job and I stopped helping, same modus operandi, 2 months arrears in rental and the same old stories and lies.

I gave her a good scolding, she still insisted she never met me. This time, she changed her name(from Devi to Sharon) and whatapps’s photo from a Hindu deva to a picture of Mother Mary. Con job after con job and lies after lies.

As a volunteer worker, we encountered conmen/conwomen in our stride but with experience, we somehow can ‘sniff’ out like a dog, although in the beginning, we do have been taken for a ride.

Those wanting to know more about her, can pm me personally so that others won’t be taken in by her devilish ways.

Our funds are from the public and we have a heavy responsibility to ensure we are accountable for every cent spent.

Called the other two women but to no avail, left the 10 goodies bags in the Toyota Hilux for distribution tomorrow.

It’s another OBS! Others Before Self.

Got to catch up with family for dinner soon.

May this Year of the Tiger brings success, prosperity, good health, peace & joy to you.

As we celebrate this joyous & auspicious occasion, let us not forget our clients(The Poor & Needy) in our midst. They too deserve to celebrate the Lunar New Year!

We wish to put on record our thanks and appreciations to all our supporters/donors/volunteers and all those praying for us daily as we bring relief to the Poor & Needy(our clients, our VIPs).

Here’s wishing everyone, GONG XI FA CAI!

Serving with L❤️ve & Humility!
Patron, Freddie Lee.
James Ho,
Secretary/Founder & Team YSJB.