The Homeless in Johor Bahru has shifted

The Homeless in Johor Bahru has shifted

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – The Homeless in JB has shifted.

From the initial site at CIQ JB (JB Sentral) next to Railway Station to Car Park behind Foh Chong Building (Jalan Ibrahim) & now to a back lane off Jalan Trus JB since 29/8/2021. The exact location is a lane between Mangala Theeban Sari shop & Kedai Emas Tai Hin.
YSJB has been sending cooked food to the Homeless daily for the past many months.
It saddens me and my heart bleeds when it rains, knowing that the Homeless will be wet in the cold sleeping at the corridors of the shops nearby while most of us are tucked in the comfort of our homes.

Yes, while volunteers like us give them the basic need (food), it is hoped that the authorities or some kind souls will provide some form of shelter for them. Many of the Homeless have asked us to find employment for them but in this COVID-19 pandemic, jobs are few and difficult to come by as many companies have folded up. It is indeed sad to see so many on the streets, something that was a rare sight in JB before the pandemic.
We pray that somehow their lives will be much more bearable if volunteers/NGOs/NGIs continue to feed them daily BUT FOR HOW LONG as, with bad times, our funds are also dwindling. We shall continue as best and as long as we can and we hope everyone can hop on board to feed the Homeless.

Your support will be most welcome as we continue to do what we can for the Homeless. As I have said many times before, ‘if you know when your next meal is coming, you are super lucky and if you have a roof over your head, you are super-duper lucky!’ The Homeless has none.

Think about it. Think about the Homeless!