YSJB Laptop & Desktops Purchased To Donate 2

Yayasan Suria Johor Bahru (YSJB) – Helping students with online classes

Yayasan Suria JB(YSJB) – Helping students with online classes.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, classes have switched to online lessons but with parents on the verge of starvation, how can they afford to buy handphones/laptops for their children to do online classes? They got to take care of the hungry stomachs first which is most important.

Realising this, YSJB has been giving out some 40 reconditioned laptops/desktops/tablets to poor deserving students. Some are even too poor to afford mobile data and we pay for them too.

Recently, we started collecting old computer units to refurbish them and pass on to deserving students, all thanks to our committee member, Mr Lo, who does all these. He is a computer wizard, the one instrumental in setting up YSJB’s Web Page. If you have any old computer sets not in use and want to give them away, just contact us and we shall put them into good use.

Each reconditioned unit costs us about RM550 and you can sponsor a student or a few – we welcome your involvement in this project.

Our involvement in education goes back some 9 years ago since our inception on 14th Sept 2012 when YSJB was registered with ROS. We are involved in Back-To-School(BTS) program where we buy shoes, uniforms, stationeries, bags, etc, merit awards where we reward poor students who did well in government exams, funding poot local university students, providing spectacles, providing mattresses for off-campus students and also providing meals for poor university students all over the country. We know that education holds the key to the future of any nation and we are committed to this end by providing funds in all fields of education.

Some of our students have now graduated and they are funding YSJB in their own ways – thank you, thank you 🙏🙏🙏.

Please hop on board and together, we shall build a nation where everyone has a place to call home – for our children and grand children.

🇲🇾 bolih!